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FAW Deutz BF61013 awarded the title of annual 2011 quality engine

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October 7, 2011, 2011 engine Award Presentation Ceremony held in Beijing. FAW Deutz (Dalian) Engine Co., Ltd. BF6M1013-26E3 engines produced with superior quality and reliable good market reputation, the quality of engines awarded the honorary title of the year. The 2011 engine named the six awards were: engine year, annual engine-saving engine, annual environmentally friendly engines and the quality of the engine year, the annual technology leader in the annual market potential of the engine and the engine. Carefully selected, a total of 19 models received awards.

 China's auto market experienced a golden decade of development, the number of auto companies work hard not only to China's market price, but come up with the latest models and technologies leveraging the market, of which, a high level of engine is to enhance corporate reputation and guide consumers to the importance of a propensity to consume.

 The face of all sectors of automotive power systems become more concerned about the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association professional evaluation team, on the domestic good engine for a full tour and appraisal, through technical analysis, field testing, high-level interviews, the perspective of the current Chinese market, excellent engine technical level and development trend. On the one hand recognizes those who have the advanced engine technology to the Chinese consumers, manufacturers; the other hand, through professional and facts to help consumers identify and recognize truly outstanding engine products, and training the majority of automotive consumers and enthusiasts for the engine brand visibility, recognition and propensity to consume, to promote the upgrading of China's auto consumption levels.

 Deutz FAW Group, FAW large diesel light-duty, heavy-duty truck engines in the main production base, since its inception in 2007, FAW Dalian Diesel Deutz China and Germany fully integrated product technology and management advantages, accelerate technological upgrading, efforts to build the most competitive automotive and industrial engine production base for China's auto market and self-construction machinery brands to enter the international market with high-quality power.

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