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Dalian user forum of Xi'an Cummins come to an end

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In July 2010, Xi'an Cummins went to all the executives and service personnel in Dalian, and local ISM11 liter engine users "close contact." In Dalian, Xi'an Cummins Engine service station, a pedestrian asked ISM11-liter engine and detailed performance. When you hear the sales staff, said: Xikang ISM11 liter engines have obvious advantages: a strong fuel economy, long maintenance cycle, to avoid strong security, high cost, many drivers are friends of all ages. Chapter Wah Kwan, General Manager of Xi'an Cummins pleased with the color showing, he personally battle for the presence of sales staff and customers disclose the secret: low speed high torque is ISM11-liter engine has been characterized by low speed to reduce wear and tear parts, torque for climbing, pull more fresh goods, see vehicles overtaking.

Subsequently, Xi'an Cummins service team to the user site - Chang Xing Island triple teams coal construction site experience ISM11 liter engine working environment. Full load of cargo, long and anxious downhill, scattered cinder floor, dusty test site ... ... all the time and focus on the power card security and reliability. Customs General laments: drivers work environment so hard, we must make sure that the quality of manufactured products and services to help them succeed, they share those solutions for the workers! Site were asked about who is FC rest of Shaanxi Auto driver: "You feel for how this kind of car engine, and other car did not feel the difference?" Master driver, said: "Now the engine is used peace of mind, I spent so long on an oil change every month, some small problems did not come out too, attendance is particularly high. previously used other brands of China-made engines, running up and not awkward, but small problems too much, how many times would not take a trim, how much money I will not speak, the key is too wasted effort, a repair on the loss of several times live ... "

The next day, Dalian, Xi'an Cummins benchmark customer forum officially opened. Dozens of delegates to the meeting logistics team. Kang machine as a loyal user, powerful, earn their choice will save liter engine jointly Xi'an Cummins ISM11 reason. Charles Dalian team, said: first use ISM11 liter engine, you look for it: the mature European and American technology is not the same! Standard set of smooth and safe speed when more fuel-efficient, powerful acceleration when heavy fast! Order three times within one year after nearly a hundred cars equipped with ISM11 liter engine heavy truck, pull large in the case of it! He is also proud to tell you, has always been of the logistics sector is concerned the transport of 850 tons large miracle, that is created by the industry wide team was first with a well-known imports of the first traction engine pulling, stunned pull them in; was proposed test the edge of engine test equipment Xikang ISM11 traction head, the result we all know - the job done! Shocked the entire industry!

During the forum, when the total that many users off the engine, maintenance still do not understand the place, many drivers just get a driver's license or even start up the goods, immediately decided to postpone the original formulation of the trip, leading experts to work Xikang Service on-site for customers to teach ISM11 of routine maintenance, troubleshooting tips, one for each of the heavy truck carrying ISM11 site testing and commissioning. Customs General stressed: the growth of Xikang have today, can not do without each user's trust and support! We would like to treat customers the same dedication towards their loved ones! Wherever you go, to help customers maximize the benefits is Xikang eternal pursuit! After this face to face communication and user activity to be a lot of organizing, listening to the user the most realistic sound. For the user's problems, needs we will fulfill its commitments to respond within 24 hours, the first time to resolve!

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