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DCEC realistic public education to help reservoir resettlement

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Today, a growing concern of corporate social responsibility, corporate social responsibility in many ways, targeted support to specific populations apparently fixed effect is more pronounced as a model, Hubei Danjiangkou reservoir resettlement of South children will be beneficiaries of this model.

Danjiangkou is the origin of the water diversion project, due to relocation to bring life and livelihood issues and concentrate on more needy families, their children, often because of a poor family can not receive a complete education, even if difficult to work out find a suitable job, need employment-based education and training. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company recently launched a public service initiative aimed at the needs in this area, and strive to delegate to fish. September 2011, in support of Danjiangkou City, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company, Dongfeng joint initiative of the total school technician, "Cummins public vocational education classes" start-up, some will come from immigrant families of school-age Danjiangkou children to provide economic and social support to help them complete their school in the east of the total three-year mechanic vehicle maintenance technology learning.

According to the project plan, from 2011 to 2013, according to family conditions Danjiangkou city, such as integrated elements of the student's own performance, the selection of 40 middle school or high school graduates to enter public service vehicle maintenance technology classes to learn. Cummins commitment to the first two years of tuition, student work-study program by the third year to raise tuition. Teaching program by the school and Dongfeng Cummins joint planning related technical staff, reflects the "work and study, work-study" feature. In addition to regular vehicle maintenance courses, public courses teaching practical skills but also special attention to the cultivation of: Cummins to help build experimental classrooms, auxiliary engines to provide the latest teaching students to observe the company, the company's senior technical personnel to the school regularly involved in teaching. In addition to academic lend a helping hand, Dongfeng Cummins also strive in other areas of the reservoir area to help poor families: such as organizing staff visits and research, form a directed funding relations.

It is reported that Dongfeng Cummins funding for this project each year of $ 150,000, most of its costs from the "Cummins Community Development Fund", the Cummins Foundation is part of global public system to promote Cummins around the world owned and joint venture interaction with the surrounding community, together with the community health development. Cummins will fund each year are the use of systematic planning, process control and impact assessment, to try to achieve the best results public.

Mountains near the northwestern Hubei Dongfeng Cummins, there are a number of counties did not get out of poverty over the years insist on the mountain Cummins designated public schools to help donate to the mountain school desks, books, computers, school supplies, Dongfeng Cummins individual employees also actively participate in public activities.

Responsible for the welfare class project, said Wang Ning, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins: One feature of this project for public employment, giving the fishing, public objects to help solve the most pressing problems; followed by Dongfeng Cummins called many resources, not only financial support, but also provide support for the engine-related teaching and internship opportunities to intervene to ensure systematic and comprehensive long-term effects of public service activities. More difficult for the current immigrant communities, education and employment help for its stability and development of the foundation, which is the Cummins global public emphasis on "with the community development" of the core demands.

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