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Foton Cummins: Accumulate optimistic about the future market

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2011 Comes with Dongfeng Cummins welcomed the 25th anniversary of bilateral cooperation, the current Cummins joint venture in China has four major power companies, namely, Dongfeng Cummins and Xi'an Cummins, Foton Cummins and Chongqing Cummins. Chronological order from the joint perspective, Fukuda Cummins established at the latest, but its growth rate should not be underestimated. October 18, the reporter entered the Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Foton Cummins), to understand the enterprise's development status and future trends.
   Both products conquer the world

   Foton Cummins is currently only in operation for two products - ISF series of 2.8 liters and 3.8 liters of light diesel. Both engines are Cummins invested heavily in new R & D for next generation all-electric control of light-duty diesel engines, power ranging from 80 to 125 kilowatts. Although only two products to conquer the world, but the shareholders of both sides is very optimistic about its market dominance.

   Vice President of Cummins High Fukuda told reporters wearing loose, light-duty diesel engines on the terms of these two products can be said is currently the most advanced. "In the discharge, for example, both the start, the engine is Europe Ⅳ standard, Euro Ⅲ product actually is in order to meet domestic market demand and the extension of the product under the same time, both the engine has reached Europe Ⅴ standard, the European Ⅵ standards development is also launched in early 2011. "You know, in the field of domestic light-duty diesel engines to meet the country Ⅳ, Ⅴ standard difficulty of the country than a large heavy-duty diesel engines, while domestic enterprises are still Ⅳ standard to meet the country to worry about, Foton Cummins 2011 has produced nearly 5,000 Europe Ⅴ engine, and the export market in Brazil.

   According to reports, Foton Cummins ISF2.8 liters and 3.8 liters of light diesel engine with a compact, light weight, low noise, low emissions, suitable for light truck, medium truck, light-off, pickup, MPV utility vehicle, SUV, etc. light vehicles, and small engineering machinery and small generator sets and other non-road equipment.

   With a considerable weight and dimensions compared to similar products, ISF2.8 and 3.8 l liter inline four-cylinder light pressure direct injection engine can output more power and torque. Advanced thermal management system allows the engine to work at higher temperatures, reducing the vehicle's cooling system size and cost. Based on advanced computer simulation design, ISF with the same engine displacement compared to lighter, more powerful. Meanwhile, the modular design allows the platform structure to quickly upgrade to meet future more stringent emission standards. According to introduction, Foton Cummins Omar may have been achieved and Fukuda, Ollin, Chery, Changan, JAC, dawn's light vehicle products such as business matching, and gradually become the main package.

   Home and abroad with both hands

    March 26, 2008, Foton Cummins was proclaimed. In just more than a year, June 9, 2009, Foton Cummins official mass production. The production also rose from 1,800 two years ago to 5.5 million units in 2011. Song Gao told reporters wear: in fact, just as the company put into operation in 2009, when little-scale production, actual production is from 2010, the year's Foton Cummins on production and sales jumped to 10,000 units in 2011 is expected to achieve production and sales 55,000 units next year to reach 10 million to 11 million units.

    From production and sales point of view, Fukuda said Cummins year to a higher level can be, especially to achieve a substantial growth in 2011. In fact, from 2011 the market situation, production and sales of commercial vehicles fell significantly, especially trucks, commercial vehicles by the end of experts is expected to climb basically hopeless. September sales data also showed that commercial vehicle sales decreased by 10.29% and 5.92%, in addition to growth in passenger vehicle category, vehicle class of models at the national macro-control policies are under the influence of negative growth. When the environment is not good, as He Futian Cummins was not affected, but to achieve growth?

   Wear loose the blame for the high points: first, product positioning in the high-end market, this market needs of user groups is relatively stable, less affected by the external environment. Foton Cummins as new entrants, in the occupation of the market. "As long as the domestic light truck products on the high-end companies such as Chery, Changan, JAC, dawn, etc., as long as the country Ⅳ car, without exception, the engine of our choice." Wearing loose at the high.

   Second, the overseas market is a strong support. "From the distribution market, the domestic market accounted for 30% of our sales, overseas markets accounted for 70%, for example, Russia's largest light commercial vehicle business - GAZ (GAZ) is our customers, our engines equipped and found the engine than before with much better equipment, whether it is power, reliability, or economy. overseas market is growing rapidly due to the demonstration effect of GAZ, Kamaz (Kamaz), Masi (MAZ) in procurement Foton Cummins engine. In addition, the fast-growing Brazilian market, Foton Cummins also has a good performance. "These two factors make the market in 2011 although not good, but relatively small impact on the Foton Cummins . "Dai Song Gao said.

   A heart full preparations

   Scale industries as the engine, not a certain size, it is difficult to achieve sustained business growth and profitability, especially for new entrants, there is no 6 to 8 years is difficult to form climate.

   Foton Cummins set up three years clearly aware of this, and frankly accepted this more painful process. "According to our original plan, the domestic market accounted for 70%, 30% in overseas markets, and now it is reversed, as the main overseas markets." Dai Song Gao said Fukuda had founded Cummins had expected, the domestic high-end light machine market growth will be faster, I did not expect the country Ⅲ, Ⅳ standard repeatedly delayed implementation of the country, to this high-end positioning in the light aircraft market cast a shadow over the development of enterprises. But Fukuda and Cummins not worry, still have high hopes for Foton Cummins.

   "It's two days, Cummins Foton Cummins global board of directors to visit, see our development, the Board was surprised that we have developed so fast. You know, this is the second time since its inception Cummins held in China Board of Directors, they came to the Foton Cummins now shareholders of both sides are confident the development of enterprises, is also a great investment. Foton to build high-end pickup P201 will use Foton Cummins engines, and Cummins also established for this purpose a light engine division, although loss of business for several years, but both believe that shareholders are not particularly critical, because the healthy development of enterprises. "

   So, Foton Cummins not worry, the domestic high-end light truck market will maintain steady growth, the distribution of domestic and international markets has no effect on the overall operations, which are the cornerstone of sustainable development Foton Cummins. According to Dai Song-high, at present Foton Cummins export market are some relatively high emission state regulatory requirements, as Cummins engine technology and the leading brand on the market more stable. In addition, Foton Cummins is making great efforts to develop non-highway construction machinery and engine markets, with a view to both the upper hand in the fast-growing market.

   "I believe that once the domestic market started, the timely implementation of environmental regulations, our advantage will become increasingly apparent." Dai Songgao told reporters confidently.

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