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The country's largest diesel generator plant to start building in Wuhan

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December 19, Cummins Inc., the world's five hundred United States, in Wuhan Development Zone to build the country's largest diesel generator plant - Cummins Power (China) Company.

This is America, East Asia, Cummins engine, following the establishment of R & D center, Cummins Fuel Systems Inc., the third time in Wuhan Development Zone; is the Cummins far the largest investment in China diesel generator plant; Cummins Wuhan generator new plant, with a total investment of $ 19 million the total area of ​​12,000 square meters, is expected in July next year will be officially put into operation. So far, the United States Cummins Company in Wuhan Development Zone has invested $ 91.1 million, becoming one of the leading zone.

Plant is completed, annual production of 6,000 units generating units and more than 30,000 sets of generators, is expected to reach 2013 sales of $ 170 million. In addition to supplying the domestic market but also export to overseas, the Cummins major global production base of generator sets.

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