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DCEC cooperate with Shenzhen Bus again

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China's passenger car industry, the bus market is large, high technology, highly concerned about the vehicle and parts manufacturers. Whether it is mechanical to electronic engine control engine's progress, or national emission standards for 3 to 4 transition countries, bus markets are playing an exemplary role in benchmarking. In June 2010, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., news came in March this year to 166 in Shenzhen bus station selection assembly Dongfeng Cummins engine vehicle assembled by the vehicle manufacturer, Shenzhen, passenger transport system into a formal commitment to passenger the task. This is the Dongfeng Cummins 2008, 2009 863 --- National Science and Technology to undertake "10 City, 1000" project diesel-electric hybrid bus project has been provided to the Shenzhen bus system is another hybrid engine "big one . "

According to the Shenzhen bus to the sources, the key components of this study is the selection of engines, transmissions and axles, menu-driven procurement, the Dongfeng Cummins won the customers ahead of the specified selection. Also shows the public transport users in Shenzhen Dongfeng Cummins products, services and ability to coordinate and integrate industry chain of trust. Back in 2004, Dongfeng Cummins to initiate contacts with the Shenzhen bus to help them out for free replacement of old machines Cummins new machine, and depending on feedback and frequent city bus brakes, variable speed drive development of more adaptive characteristics and improvement. The end of 2007, Dongfeng Cummins and Continental Long bus companies, one after another to provide a number of buses in Shenzhen hybrid diesel-electric buses, the power, reliability, fuel, etc. are outstanding, as both a major force behind adjourned happy match .

The engine provided 166 in low-speed torque, braking performance, excellent fuel economy and other aspects of environmental performance, have been used in multiple markets, and in 2010 passenger cars and parts in Tianjin International Exhibition on China won the zero bus Award for energy saving components, new energy technologies in China's bus parts Prize awards. The state 3 Cummins engine electronic control recognized the Shenzhen conventionally powered buses, more market value. Insiders commented: "Traditionally, the advantages of Dongfeng Cummins truck market, the Shenzhen bus orders displayed in the passenger car market, Cummins made a series of work on the effect of being highlighted." Since opening in 2010, Dongfeng Cummins has been in Shandong, Kunming, Wuhan and other cities, BRT and regular bus projects frequently harvest, the business indicators have increased significantly over last year.

Breakthrough from the Cummins marketing model. 2008, Dongfeng Cummins restructuring of the original sales system, the key set up business at the market, directly facing the regional market, when integrated sales, service, opportunity discovery, end-market sales and other functions to the regional market holdings index and customer satisfaction index for the assessment. Department of Commerce are in frontier markets, as the control of marketing resources and business process leader. Customer-centric business processes and marketing resources to the front, greatly enhanced market responsiveness and customer satisfaction, orders continued to increase. Shenzhen bus evaluation, for example, from opportunities to get to the tender, the whole process of project delivery is completed, reflects the tremendous power of new marketing model. In addition, spare parts platform to promote pre-service work, but also customer satisfaction steadily. It is reported that this year will add seven parts in the national front library.

Achieve product and market diversification layout, expand non-east, outside the truck market, Cummins has been the strategic direction. With the world's leading brand of diesel engine fuel economy and energy saving advantages of technology, Dongfeng Cummins grasp the golden key to open this market. In recent years, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd in China's urban public transport development planning, in the city BRT, and other new hybrid bus in practice, from the products, services, etc. to actively cooperate with and support. 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Dongfeng Cummins for the city bus to make a complete, detailed and professional logistics services, by Beijing, Shanghai, highly recognized public transportation system.

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