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Wuxi cummins hall Seth small supercharger put into production to match Foton Cummins firstly

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Recently learned that, wuxi cummins turbocharged technology the company's latest small turbocharger already in September 2011 on formal matching fukuda cummins 2.8 3.8 liters diesel engine.

This hall Seth turbochargers and its matching engines in China are implementing a localized production, the cooperation also marks the wuxi cummins turbocharged technology competitive new small supercharger formally put into production, the product mainly aimed at the rapid growth of China light commercial vehicle market demand.

Cummins turbocharged technology Co., LTD, principals in talking about the cooperation with Mr Fukuda cummins said: now the commercial vehicle manufacturers are seeking to improve fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and reduce the size of the engine method, they will be more and more dependent on turbocharger technology to help them achieve the goal and don't reduce vehicle performance.

Hall Seth small supercharger products by the end of 2010 for the first time in the global formal release, it is cummins turbocharged technology company and the world's leading engine and car makers together, to provide reliable and durable supercharger, meet 2-6 litres diesel engine market's special demand, the domestic first new turbocharger supply cummins in China's light engine joint venture company Beijing fukuda cummins.

We talk about the turbocharger how to help customers develop new market, wuxi cummins turbocharged technology company said: when the engine and car manufacturers develop new market, its product must meet the market of product performance and emission regulations, durable sex and the expectations of price, etc. And cummins turbocharged technologies to produce small supercharger products (including variable cross-section, bypass valve and secondary turbocharged design) can provide clients with a load of circulation and market according to the regulations of the competitive solutions, deal with these challenges.

Small turbine supercharger so will get more favour, the market in the global growth can be expected to reach 12%. This new product releases will help cummins turbocharged technology business growth and its design and manufacture in the supercharger leading to further expand.

cummins turbocharged technology for the annual production of wuxi factory 1.5 million sets, on 3 November, 2011, wuxicummins turbocharged technology company 600 ten thousand sets hall Seth supercharger off the assembly line, the new assembly line built supercharger has nine formally put into production, this will make it a cummins turbocharged technology in the world's largest production base.

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