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DCEC engine equipped building work the first time loaders, graders, export to Brazil

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September 2011, building work full range of products across the ocean off Brazil's departure ceremony was held in Xiamen Engineering Machinery Industrial Park, Xiamen, Xiamen Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. a full range of products hundred sets of construction machinery and equipment ready to go. These devices September 30 made ​​from Xiamen east pier after the boat will travel through the night about 40, set foot on the distant South American continent, to enter the Brazilian market, to develop the Chinese construction machinery industry, the new road mileage overseas.

Among them, the main export products are equipped with 8 sets of Cummins powered, equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Engine Building Industry Series loaders, graders products lined up, dressed appearance, they will be sold across the sea Brazil.

Since 2011, enter, Dongfeng Cummins further increased marketing efforts, especially in the relatively weak investment in many aspects of construction machinery crack, through the multi-faceted market research, according to market demand, sales, research and development closely, to achieve good product development to product development changes.

Dongfeng Cummins marketing personnel to go to Xiamen Engineering Group, detailed product information, matching the best deployment of experienced engineers to model and test support equipment, environmentally friendly fuel-efficient Cummins engine, power reliability, Xiamen Engineering Machinery has been a consistent recognition. Achieved in the establishment of good cooperation between supporting domestic products, the Dongfeng Cummins Engine assembly began in September 2011 the main export products building work is expected to reach 54 units in December, then gradually improve, to achieve a full range of facilities.

Building work full range of products successfully entered the South American market, is actively going out building work in recent years, the implementation of international strategy important results, the overseas market has become China's construction machinery enterprises of vital importance for future development, based on the domestic development of building workers at the same time, the pace of internationalization is accelerating, and strive to building work as an international brand, overseas market development layout should follow the law, moving steadily and effectively understand the demands of overseas markets, the full range of products Qifa Nan services in the United States is well the local market, building work force is the first step in Central and South America. The future, building work should take this as a new starting point, all-round opening up the country the international market, and competing against world-class peer companies, and sharpen their competitive edge.

Building and industrial products with high reliability and superior cost performance, construction machinery market in Brazil has made a very good reputation. The building work has won orders for 189 units, including loaders, excavators, road equipment, forklift trucks and small equipment such as a full range of products, orders totaling nearly $ 10 million.

With the construction machinery market demand to expand and upgrade manufacturing capacity, occupy a favorable economic zone Hercynian regional advantages of building work will take this as the base, bigger and stronger in Brazil and the whole South American market, building year 2011, exports of industrial products Brazil will exceed 600, the value of exports in overseas markets close to 90 million U.S. dollars, up 80%.

Sea-wing groups as the core business segments of construction machinery, building work currently has an annual output of 40,000 sets of loaders, excavators 1.5 million units, 10,000 road machinery, forklifts 5,000 units of capacity. Building work in 2010 and entered the pile driving machinery and concrete machinery, developed its own rotary drilling rig is Fujian's first rotary drilling rig, concrete pump with a low-volume production capacity to fill the Hercynian economic zone of Machinery Industry the blank.

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