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Valin and Dongfeng Cummins to promote cooperation and seek common development strategy

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"Valin - Dongfeng Cummins exchange market," held at the base of Xiangfan Dongfeng Cummins, deepen strategic cooperation was released details of the report and to promote the two sides in the field of traction vehicle logistics, marketing, spare parts, service, and many in-depth cooperation . Valin Wang Yanan, director of marketing and deputy general manager Ma Tianlong Cummins attended the market exchange and made important speeches, including Valin's key distributors, including more than 50 200 people attended the market exchange.

Cummins, executive vice president Ma Tianlong speech. In his speech, recalled the history of bilateral cooperation, he said, over the years, Cummins has witnessed the company grow Valin, also witnessed the cooperation of the twists and turns. Since 2009, Valin's dealer meeting in Xi'an, he has decided to rebuild relationship with Valin, in order to achieve co-operation to achieve higher goals. Valin business in 2010 annual meeting, the exchange dealer with Valin, absorbed a lot of helpful suggestions dealers, product improvements were made to adapt to China's national conditions, to complete a 13-liter engine of development; on the service system was re-sort, increase the supply of spare parts, significantly reducing the price of spare parts, and will in Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Beijing and other parts to build 10 centers (two have been completed, five are under construction), but also promote the improvement of service personnel and distributors the relationship between. Matian Long said he hopes today's market exchange opportunities with companies and Valin Valin reached dealers overall strategic partnership to achieve win-win and common development.

At the meeting, Minister of Dongfeng Cummins application engineering Aoding Hong comprehensive introduction to engineering version of the Cummins engine technology features, competitive advantage and meet the conditions be improved, such as engineering improved version of the engine to make more powerful low-speed torque, logistics version of the engine torque to adjust the idle speed is more fuel-efficient operations, etc., by the participating dealer Valin's resonance. Li Lei, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins marketing power utilities and trucks Minister Hu Road King, but also comprehensive and detailed description of the service system and Dongfeng Cummins basic situation of enterprises, said Li Lei, Dongfeng Cummins recent construction in the regional training center, and will completed within the next few years, the diversification of customer-centric service network to more quickly deal with problems, improve services, strategic cooperation between the two sides of good care insurance a good driving route.

In the final summary of his speech, Wang Yanan introduced Valin, director of marketing operations of the company and the 1-5 month history of bilateral cooperation. Wang Yanan said Valin in Cummins dealers and other suppliers and the strong support of the country has made remarkable business performance to achieve sales of 1-May nearly 15000; product structure has been further optimized, the basic realization of the company's early Business at the annual meeting to determine the specific vehicle, traction logistics vehicles, dump truck one-third of each target product mix; while our 30,000 heavy trucks and Technology Center project officially started, the capacity for enterprise and overall strength of the overall paved the way to further improve. Cummins is a partner of Valin's one of the earliest, began early in 2004 is multi-faceted cooperation, further cooperation for the future and lay a solid foundation for cooperation and accumulated useful experience. Today, Cummins product line is complete, the product can fully meet the power needs of Valin, while Dongfeng Cummins products and brand in line with Valin's logistics vehicles to promote traction and high-end brand strategy.

Wang Yanan also read out the two sides in the high-horsepower engines, traction logistics vehicles, spare parts support and maintenance mileage, etc. to extend the range of co-operation policy. He said that should the meeting as an opportunity not only to have the Cummins brand marketing efforts on areas of cooperation, but will also have the advantage of the brand in Valin area Cummins promotion; also hope that the majority distributors and marketers to seize all Valin cooperation with Dongfeng Cummins historic opportunity to open up the market is good, the brand up even more.

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