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DCEC new product development path of construction machinery market

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Beginning of this year, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. with the product and brand reputation, win a renowned construction machinery OEMs orders for 252 engines, 252 engines will be equipped with this machine exports in Brazil, which means to accelerate expansion of Dongfeng Cummins 2010 construction machinery market has been beginning to bear results.
General construction machinery exports to low-volume-based, the 252 orders, both for OEMs or supporting a large enterprise is a single, hit the Dongfeng Cummins engine equipped with machine construction machinery exports to overseas high, it shows that Cummins mechanical engineering in the overseas market has been getting better. It is reported that the production of these engines are busy, the machine will be completed in early February, the assembly, then shipped to Brazil.

This 252 units of construction machinery including loaders peacefully machine two, matching the Dongfeng Cummins B, C series mechanical engine. For a long time, B, C series engines to meet Euro Ⅱ emission standard, high performance, high-quality, low fuel consumption and other advantages, for many years share, according to China's construction machinery market in the forefront of high-end engine, by XCMG, Liugong, Xiamen workers and other well-known construction machinery OEMs, and many end-user acceptance.

Brazil to help OEMs build a "benchmark users"

It is understood that about 252 units of construction machinery exports will be used for Brazil's municipal building, a government-led project, the construction machinery OEMs to expand the Brazilian market has a very important significance. Plus the number of machines involved in this project are more large amounts, so the OEMs in the diesel-powered option is very cautious. OEMs person in charge, "Brazil has a tropical climate in most parts of the southern parts of the sub-tropical climate, the road is more complex operating environment, the product requirements of the engine is relatively high. Dongfeng Cummins Engine to good reliability, low speed high torque , low fuel consumption and other characteristics, in the construction machinery market with good competitiveness, which we choose as a partner Dongfeng Cummins, and to expand the reasons for the Brazilian market. "
In addition to product factors, Cummins diesel engine products in the global market position and brand awareness, is our second "trump card." As the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer Cummins products and services around the world, more importantly, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Cummins achieved in the quality of global standards, but also to achieve the localization of production, the price has highly competitive.

In addition, Cummins IWS system for Cummins to expand overseas market provides a strong backing. Cummins in 167 countries and has more than 5,000 service agent network, of course, including Brazil. This allows the same product, same parts, the same standard conditions of service, maintenance is more convenient, these advantages for construction machinery OEMs to build Brazil "benchmark users" provides a great protection.

Product development to improve market competitiveness

In recent years, with Dongfeng Cummins speed up the process of diversification of the market, and its field engine products are more widely used. In the process of market expansion, while Dongfeng Cummins Engine 'small size, light weight, good reliability, "which is in the car market can be fully demonstrated; the other hand, Cummins realized that with the expansion of non-car market and complexity of applications, only a dozen products can not meet the construction machinery, generator sets and other non-car users. Combination of Dongfeng Cummins special geographical conditions, different and special uses, the development of multi-category, multi-function, multi-standard engines. At present more than a dozen models from non-vehicle engines, extended to 4B, 6B, 6C, 6L, QSD, Z series (13 liters) of six major models, products from the original 19 models to today's close 100 models, the power from the previous 80 ~ 80 ~ 240 HP to expand to 545 horsepower. In addition, Cummins also for different regions and different characteristics and needs of users, improving adaptability of the product in a timely manner and secondary development, so no matter what type of products customers need, Dongfeng Cummins able to immediately provide a substantial boost to its own competitiveness.

The procurement of 252 Brazilian engineering machinery, with its Dongfeng Cummins B, C series a variety of specifications of the engine. In order to meet the requirements of the Government of Brazil, Cummins R & D, product application engineering department with OEM effort with the engine re-matching and optimization of technology: for example, to optimize torque, speed, fuel economy. This 252 project car exports, can be said that many years of construction machinery Cummins accurately grasp customer needs a concentrated expression.
It is reported that 2010 to 2011 National 4 trillion yuan investment is the construction height of the global economic upturn, but also for the recovery of construction machinery export market provided favorable conditions. Tailored for different market segments, providing the most suitable products, well, stronger domestic market, the common areas to accelerate the expansion of overseas markets, Cummins has been prepared.

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