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DCEC works out the sales target of 2015

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Recently, Cummins said the company's senior director of the company has developed a sales target in 2015.
Cummins expects 2015 sales to reach $ 30 billion, EBIT margin of 18%. This means that starting this year, an average annual growth rate needed to reach 14%. Cummins said the company's management is confident to achieve this goal.
Cummins executives realized that contemporary community standards for exhaust emissions and fuel economy has increased in response to this trend, Cummins intends to increase investment in new products; the other executives are also aware of the Cummins developing countries the power imbalance of supply and demand and economic globalization, and so it will bring development opportunities.

Cummins Chief Operating Officer, said: "Over the past practice has shown, Cummins even in bad economic environment can be performed very well, and the present state of our business very well, so we are confident in the future."

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