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DCEC supplier General Assembly to build a world-competitive supply chain

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November 25, 2011, with "sincere cooperation, improve quality, continuous improvement and common development" as the theme of Cummins Supplier Conference held in the city of Xiangyang. Cummins from across the country more than 170 vendors on behalf of nearly 300 people attended the meeting.

Xiangyang municipal government leaders speak first, welcome friends from around the Xiangyang party suppliers, study and investment, praised Cummins in stimulating local employment, promote local development, made ​​outstanding contributions.

Dongfeng Cummins engine sales in 2011 in good condition, thanks to the support of suppliers. Market downturn in the industry, sales of Dongfeng Cummins has benefited from increased attention to the relative terminal driving; launched a hundred days for three consecutive years of quality improvement activities; innovative service model, adopted as "expert services, navigate the world" new service model; adhere to the diversification, the Dongfeng Cummins market share continued to improve.

Communicated to the delegates meeting in 2011 the domestic industry's production and marketing of diesel engines, Cummins explained the parts procurement in 2011, the measures taken and the positive results achieved. Assembly and sales of diesel engines in 2012 to conduct a predictive analysis, a clear competitive edge to create a world of supply chain objectives and measures.

It is reported that as of now, Cummins is committed to diversity in the automotive market and non-automotive engines have achieved good sales results. 2012, Dongfeng Cummins together with suppliers in product quality improvement and cost reduction efforts components, improving product competitiveness, Dongfeng Cummins willing to work together with suppliers, joint development, cooperation and win-win.

2011 Annual Conference in recognition of the excellent supplier of Dongfeng Cummins, has set up a 2011 "Best Quality Award", "Best Technical Support Award", "Best Delivery Award", "Best Cooperation Award", "Best continued improved Award "," Best Six Sigma Improvement Award "," supplier of the Year Award "," Excellent supplier Award military "and eight categories of awards, 16 suppliers were commended.

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