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Dongfeng ISDe4.5 cylinder UK sample for the first time DEP factory export

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Recently learned that the end of November 2011 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. 6 new upgrade of the electronic control ISDe4.5 cylinder sample in strict accordance with the export standard packaging to Shanghai port, complete the export customs clearance DEP will reach Cummins UK factory.

June 2011, Cummins had sent someone to the United Kingdom and the Cumminss factory DEP procurement center of East Asia (IPO) went to the Cummins production site visits to understand the processing of 4D and 6D cylinder, and to purchase a number of the current production of 4D, 6D cylinder head sample, were sent to the DEP Cummins British and American technical center facility for CTC detection test.

Cummins also set up a project for this group, together with Dongfeng Cummins procurement ISDe actively promote the progress of the cylinder. Dongfeng Cummins dispatched elite force responsible for the technical implementation of the plan to promote, through the product, purchasing, production, technology and quality and other related departments and tireless efforts of sincere collaboration, high standards and successful completion of the six new electronic control ISDe4.5 cylinder upgrade sample of the rough body upgrade, production, processing, testing and assembly work.

November 24, 2011, Cummins Shanghai IPO to 4D for upgraded supply cylinder has been released on-site audit, inspection from blank to the processing, quality and packaging, and all other aspects of implementation.

This sample batch export, marking the Cummins electronic control ISDe4.5 cylinder parts made ​​products to enter the range of Cummins global supply procurement process, a key step. ISDe block successfully exported into Cummins global procurement system, Cummins will develop into new elements, Dongfeng Cummins strategy of going out into new business growth.

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