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Construction Machinery: out of loyalty towards satisfaction

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By the China Quality Association and the National Users Committee initiated the "construction machinery industry in 2011 customer satisfaction survey results" in the recently released, this satisfaction survey results show that in the Chinese market, independent brand construction machinery in general exceeds customer satisfaction foreign brands. In response to this result, senior industry experts said, China's construction machinery industry's overall competitiveness has to compete with foreign competitors.

Meanwhile, nearly two years of market conditions also confirms this point. According to China Construction Machinery Business survey data shows that since 2010, concrete machinery, road machinery, piling machinery of the own brand market share is above 90%. The excavator market segments, for example, domestic brands and gradually replace the process of foreign brands steadily, the first three quarters of 2011 the market share of own-brand excavators 39%, compared with 2010 share improved by nearly 10 percentage points, which thirty-one Komatsu excavator market than among the first; foreign brand market share from 71% in 2010 to 61%. In addition, its own brand in the international market competitiveness has increased dramatically, the first three quarters of total exports of China's construction machinery products reached $ 11.028 billion, more than 2010 full-year exports.

However, customer satisfaction, and increased its market share, is not on behalf of companies can sit back and relax? The answer is "no." Construction machinery products to enhance satisfaction, increased market share, not be able to achieve customer value enhancement. Only satisfied customers into loyal users, in order to create the corresponding value for the enterprise.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty gap between

Customer loyalty is customer satisfaction leads to the concept, customer satisfaction is generated after the brand of a product or business trust, and hope to maintain a psychological tendency to repeat purchase. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is the difference between user satisfaction to evaluate the transaction in the past to meet the original expectations of the user, and customer loyalty is to the user to buy again and will recommend to others. True customer loyalty is a behavior, and user satisfaction is an attitude. Clearly, the business development must have a large number of loyal users, customer loyalty should be the engineering machinery enterprises are most concerned about the problem.

China Construction Machinery Business during the "customer loyalty and satisfaction research", the use of three key indicators to measure customer loyalty, these three indicators are:

1, the overall user satisfaction (divided into very satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, more satisfied, very dissatisfied);
2, the likelihood of repeat purchase (divided certainly may be, the uncertain, probably not, definitely not);
3, the likelihood of recommendation to others (divided certainly may be, the uncertain, probably not, definitely not).

Among them, customer satisfaction is the user loyalty of construction machinery products premise. Only satisfied users of the product in order to become loyal customers, to accept, communication and product recommendations. Loyal customers from satisfied users, but user satisfaction is not necessarily loyal customers. User satisfaction and purchase behavior does not necessarily have a positive correlation between the relationship. According to "Harvard Business Review," The report shows that the satisfaction of users of the goods, there are still 65% -85% of users will choose the new alternatives. This phenomenon in China Construction Machinery Business of actual research has been verified, those satisfaction questionnaire to a brand that "relatively satisfied" and "very satisfied" with the user, but often choose to buy the next competition rival brands.

This is the reason there are diverse, but the most important reason is that China as the largest producer of construction machinery, construction machinery is not power. Now the domestic construction machinery enterprises to enter the era of rampant homogenization, and then advanced products and technologies, and then leading the service concept can easily be copied, with increasing grade of competitors, allowing users to brand switching costs low. Therefore, the most simple and effective way to fight the fastest profit price. Unfortunately, long-term price war, has given users the immediate benefit, but also to develop the user's "non-loyalty", very few users will continue to choose to use the same brand of products.

Therefore, customer satisfaction does not mean that the user loyalty, if satisfaction had improved, but loyalty is still very low, and that companies make more effort is wasted.

From customer satisfaction to customer loyalty

Needless to say, in order to allow users to "buy time" to "re-buy" to "repeat purchase", so that users from the "new user" to "repeat" to "loyal customers", construction machinery enterprises to develop customer loyalty far more difficult than for the multi-user satisfaction. How to allow users satisfied with the products and services for corporate and brand loyalty? China Construction machineryBusiness survey found that by the end user, business to improve customer loyalty, access to stable profits need to price, product quality, technical innovation, service quality and brand image of the five aspects.

This requires a real understanding of engineering machinery enterprise customers for products and services of potential, unmet needs and the needs of the customer through to business management in every aspect. At the same time, for different values ​​of the user to implement differentiated loyalty programs, allowing users to get in under the same conditions than other competitor's product and service value, thus allowing users to generate sense of superiority, and create lasting customer loyalty.

Therefore, adjustment of contraction in the construction machinery industry, the market re-segmentation of the age, only through continuous efforts to create customer satisfaction and loyalty, in order to grasp the industry value chain, the most valuable end-user, the industry's major reshuffle in the adjustment period stand position.

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