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Dalian Deutz's purchase plan in 2012

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Comprehensive review of the 2011 procurement, summarizes the development of the industry experience to explore the future development of the Road, a few days ago, Deutz (Dalian) Engine Co., Ltd., Ibaraki FAW held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, entitled "continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence 2012; deepen management, class efficiency "procurement conference, 237 delegates from 166 suppliers attended the meeting.
At the meeting, said according to Mr. Benz, General Manager of FAW large diesel Xi Musi on behalf of the administered and all the staff warmly welcomed the delegates to come to the meeting. He said the past year by the changes in the market, production and management of the company and the suppliers have brought a series of difficulties. Complex situation, in coordination with the strong support and active efforts of the various suppliers and smoothly to ensure the company's resources supply and product quality, for the first time a balanced budget, sales forecast in the next few years will be higher. He pointed out that in 2012 the work will intensify focus on quality and delivery performance, the focus to consider the cost. Finally, he hoped that the Procurement Conference can become an enjoyable platform for information exchange, the company will work with various suppliers to work together to win more market share.
Purchasing Department made a presentation entitled "continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence; deepen management, to achieve first-class benefits, procurement report, the report provides a comprehensive summary of the 2011 procurement, Looking to the participating suppliers to achieve sales of 300,000 units in 2015 vision. Procurement product quality report on the work of the Quality Assurance Department made a presentation entitled "strengthen confidence to meet the challenge, join hands in creating a new situation in the product quality, quality work on quality work and parts of 2011 companies in 2012, purchasing products quality management work deployment request.
The General Assembly proclaimed 2011 the award-winning list of suppliers, a total of 40 outstanding suppliers won the "Excellent Supplier", "quality prize", "cooperation prize awards. Company leaders awarded medals for the winning supplier.
Large diesel first deputy general manager, He Yi, made a concluding speech. He said 2012 is to achieve the company "12th Five-year planning target nexus is fully reverse the DDE operation face a crucial year. The company identified the business objectives of the production and sales of 133,000 units, sales revenue of 3.68 billion yuan. I believe With the continuous improvement of product sales and quality, as the country Ⅳ, Ⅴ country product development and investment projects in full swing, through the platform of the procurement meeting, we will work with suppliers to conduct in-depth communication, strengthen unity and cooperation, help each other. create a better future!

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