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Development process of diesel engine electronic control technology

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Diesel engine electronic control technology began in the 1970s, since the 1980s, the British company Lucas, Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany, Mercedes-Benz car company, American General's Detroit Diesel Corporation, Cummins, Caterpillar, Japan fifty Bell Motor Company and Komatsu are all racing to develop and market new products to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

    Because diesel engines have high torque, high life, low fuel consumption, low emissions, diesel vehicles and construction machinery part of the solution of energy problems are most realistic and most reliable means. Therefore, the use of increasingly wide range of diesel engines, the number is increasing. While the engine power performance, economic performance, exhaust emissions and noise pollution control requirements are also increasing. Rely on traditional mechanical control fuel injection system has been unable to meet these requirements, it is difficult to achieve injection volume, injection pressure and injection timing run exactly the best situation demands. In recent years, as computer technology, sensor technology and the rapid development of information technology, the reliability of electronic products, cost, size and other aspects can meet the requirements of diesel engine electronic control and electronically controlled fuel injection is very easy to implement.

    In fact, diesel exhaust CO and HC is much less than gasoline, NOX emissions and gasoline are similar, but more exhaust particles, which is the diesel engine combustion mechanism. Diesel is a non-homogeneous combustion, the combustible mixture formation time is very short, and the combustible mixture formation and combustion process intertwined. Obtained through the analysis of diesel engine fuel injection law: the atomization of fuel injected into the quality of the flow of gas within the cylinder and combustion chamber shape have directly affected the progress of the combustion process and the generation of harmful emissions. Improve the atomization of diesel fuel injection pressure and the effect, the use of pre-injection, sub-jet and other emissions can be effectively improved.

    After years of research and application of new technologies, diesel engines and in the past have been very different from the status quo. Modern diesel engines generally use advanced electronic control injection, high pressure common rail, turbo-cooled technology, the weight, noise, smoke, etc. has made a major breakthrough, reaching the level of gasoline. With the increasingly stringent international emission control standards (eg Europe Ⅳ, Ⅴ standard) the promulgation and implementation, whether it is gasoline or diesel engines are facing serious challenges, one solution is to use electronically controlled fuel injection technology. Now, the diesel engine electronic control technologies applied in developed countries has reached 60%.

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