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Running-in and using of Deutz diesel engine

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After the new factory of diesel engine and diesel engine overhaul, in normal use before they must be running. Practice has proved that the engine life, reliability and economy of diesel engines depends largely on whether the requirement during the initial period for the correct running. The 1015 engine, for example, BFM1015 series diesel engine running time of 200-300 hours (varies depending on usage), running on the throttle when the first 2 / 3 position, with 1 / 4 load operation five hours, with 1 / 2 load operation five hours, with 3 / 4 load operation five hours; the throttle on the maximum position, with 1 / 4 load operation five hours, with 1 / 2 load operation five hours, with 3 / 4 load operation 25 hours, in make this cycle run. After running the diesel engine can extend the service life, but also to reduce diesel fuel consumption and oil consumption, but in the run, the highway maintenance group prohibit the use of diesel engines idling or no-load run-way, which will not achieve the effect of running .
    After the completion of 50 hours run-in, remember to conduct an inspection, mainly as follows: let go of oil (oil should be put in a shutdown state, and in the oil when the temperature about 80 °C), and then add new oil pan for cleaning oil, clean or replace the oil filter or filter, check valve clearance, check and tighten all the major joints, such as air cleaner connecting tube, pipe and tubing, etc.
    In the run-in period of a major component of reciprocating engines, the recommended twice a day checking the oil level. After the run, check the oil level every day.
    DEUTZ engines is the application of today's most advanced technology and process design and manufacture of high-performance turbo-charged diesel engine. Therefore, in order to ensure reliable operation of the engine, the oil must be able to adapt to the use of high-performance turbo diesel engine of oil demand, especially turbocharger thermal stability of the oil and antioxidant capabilities.
    Deutz CD grade oil will not be able to meet Deutz engine oil quality requirements for long-term use will cause the engine crankcase is too dirty, too much sludge, piston rings adhesion, oil thickens quickly, and even burn turbine turbocharger bearings.
    Therefore, DEUTZ engines must use CF-4 and above by the other oil (optional viscosity of 15W-40 multi-viscosity oil).
    It must be stressed:
    1 oil should be using the API CF-4 standard or higher level
    (2) the user must carefully read the "Operation Manual" for engine use and maintenance of the system elements described in more detail in the manual, the engine must be maintained in accordance with standard use.
    3 long-distance truck or bus with the recommended engine maintenance cycle (according to China's actual conditions), for every 8,000 to 10,000 km (150 to 200 operating hours) the replacement of the oil and filter, clean diesel coarse filter, fine filter diesel replacement (maintenance cycle should be based on actual use and fuel quality adjusted accordingly).
    4 Construction Machinery Nei moving mechanism recommended maintenance period of 200 to 250 operating hours, replacement oil and filter, fuel filter replacement because the actual use of the large differences in fuel quality, as the case should be decided.