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Maintenance of Domestic DEUTZ diesel engines

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F6L912 diesel engine use, adjustment, maintenance and dismantling major parts of the structure and method of its use and maintenance instructions are described in this article only in respect of the actual repair, the instructions did not mention and the need to emphasize the points described as follows .

   (1) according to the instructions described, F6L912 air-cooled diesel engines with piston cooling oil jet is long, but the actual process of dismantling bolt, found within the plant north of F6L912-type air-cooled diesel engine oil cooling nozzles used is short. The machine to clear the nozzle holes before assembly to ensure that the piston oil spray to reduce piston temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

   (2) the production on the main bearing cap and bearing the body is through the main bearing bolts tightened by tightening requirements, the combination of processing. Positioning with positioning between the two sets, so the main bearing cap can not be free to dress, can not hold against, so as not to affect the main bearing and the shaft of the tile with the gap, undermining the formation of lubricant film.

   (3) pay attention to check the cylinder head "bridge of the nose area" is cracking, it is timely to identify the reasons is that heat sink is not timely clean dust, long overload, or injection timing is not correct, the fan cooling effect is not good, or for other reasons, so as to avoid machine damage.

   (4) cylinder head bolts, rod bolts, balanced block bolts, main bearing bolts are all important parts of the bolts are high strength bolts, the installation will not install the spring washer and thrust washer, overhaul period to check cylinder head bolts and tensile deformation, the original length of the cylinder head bolts 211 ± 0.5mm, with variable length to 212.5mm there after longer use, you should get a new one, tighten the bolts as far as possible into the six faces of the Wrench Tighten, do not use twelve surface, because of its poor strength, easy to slip, in principle, connecting rod bolt is best to use one.

   (5) such as South Africa diameter grinding spindle, remove weights should be carried out, the demolition of weights, the weights to be marked with the serial number and direction, so as to avoid loading the wrong, undermining the balance of the crankshaft, and bolt on balance weights Remove the rear bolts should be installed new ones.

   (6) spring liner oil ring overlap solid interfaces during installation should be to reverse twist then ends the lap in place, and opening the interface and the oil ring was placed in the position angle of 180o.

   (7) in the dismantling process, found in the engine intake and exhaust valves are not installed on the valve rod tube seals, resulting in increased oil consumption, the engine take the blue smoke, in the assembly process, must be installed on the valve guide oil temperature acrylic plastic rod rubber gas seals.

   (8) F6L912-type air-cooled engine exhaust valve installed on the rotary mechanism, rotary valve body is installed, the installation of security when not wrong, work through the device when the valve rotates slowly in a sealed cone slight friction, self-cleaning effect, prevent the formation of sediments, reduce uneven wear, temperature uniformity along the circumference of the valve head, reducing the possibility of valve deformation, while the valve guide lubrication can be improved.

   (9) F6L912 diesel engine valve spring is a variable pitch, and installed on the lower part of the dense ring at one end, if installed backwards, increasing vibration trend will increase, will increase the valve guide wear.

   (10) in the fuel pump gear, there are two tags: "*" and ":" in the F6L912 engine installation, should be "·" Mark and idler "· ·" for now.

   (11) into the exhaust space and 135 series engines, and other inconsistencies in the gap, the standard gap of 0.15mm.

   (12) in the Ministry of putting the upper and lower retaining tube junction using a round cross-section rubber ring seal, the upper uses black or green rubber, fluorine or chlorine rubber ring, the heat resistance of-40oC-260oC, while the lower part is used pink silicone rubber seals, the heat resistance of-20oC +150 oC, when installing the lower part of the spring special installation tools required, without special tools, you can use φ0.6 - φ0.8mm around the thin wire Zhai advance through the pipe and retaining good compression springs tied until the catheter and the oil seal is installed correctly, tighten the cylinder head after the finish, then remove the wire, automatically compress the spring seal, proved that this effect is the practice of good.

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