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Electronic control technologies of Dongfeng Cummins engine

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As China's emissions standards for diesel engines by the state 2 to state 3 upgrade, many diesel engines are beginning a new generation of enterprise product development and production, in order to have electronic fuel injection control of the electronically controlled engine instead of the traditional mechanical engine. As with any large-scale technological innovation will be a place, as in many electronic control unit for the publicity, there is also a phenomenon: a technical talk about technology to a simple technical indicators to measure products. In fact, the birth and growth of new products, the index is a purely technical entry-brick, "application" and "customer satisfaction" is a new product to reach the ultimate goal. The attention to the "Apply" and "user experience" of vendors, will be vying for market share in long distance to get the final victory.

    To the earliest introduction of electronically controlled Cummins engine company, for example, Cummins said: 3 from state 2 to state to the state 4 emission standards, the technology is not only upgrading the power system is a major change. In this process, should not be of concern only technical, but vehicle manufacturers and drivers of the habits and psychology. The "application" rather than "technology" as the center, is the popularity of electronic control technology, the only way.

    As a result, Cummins proposed "to use for the purpose" of the electronic control engine marketing strategy. Hopes to allow drivers to master, "would like to use, will use, love to use" real acceptance of electronic control. The first is "to use", although the popularity of electric rhythm is more affected by the impact of government regulations, but Cummins has not been mandatory in the country three areas, but also vigorously publicize the electronic control engine, through the user manual carefully etc. electronic control and explain the difference between the traditional engine, better training for the pre-market. Followed by "will use", in 2007, Dongfeng Cummins engine electronic control started "early care activities" --- In Juan fantCareAction, for users in the use of electronically controlled engines may encounter various problems, developed the kinds of emergency response programs, the implementation details of this package, fully taking into account new products into the market may encounter problems, seek feedback and to resolve the first time.

    Typically, the number of new technologies in the promotion process encountered resistance or failure, is often not the technology itself is not good, but because in the process of switching technology, manufacturers of switch complex service needs to bring the lack of adequate preparedness and response program, leading the user complaints and conflict. This is the churn occurred in the process of switching technologies and products of the important reasons. "Early care activities," the English literal translation is "baby care operations", Dongfeng Cummins electronic control market as the need for intensive care of a "baby", used by the user close the process of care, to effectively solve the user's worries . In fact, the "electric engine" high-tech parts, fault diagnosis and rule out more complex, which the original service of Cummins a higher challenge, and the establishment of a comprehensive service system , will also establish a benchmark for other domestic manufacturers.

    After a "want to use and will use", when the user experience to the electronically controlled engine benefits of clean, high fuel economy, soaring power ratio, intelligent control, etc., the "love to use" has become the logical result.

    Cummins has always been to "use technology" on the most important position, which is electronically controlled and Dongfeng Cummins engine in the sources are closely related. Cummins is not only the first research and development, and has the most mature and advanced electronic control technology company, and because Europe and the United States Environmental Protection emissions standards in time first in developing countries, therefore, Cummins in the user application, vehicle matching and other aspects have a rich experience.

    For example, in the city bus market, Cummins for different road conditions, traffic conditions and the state, the electronically controlled engine running rich accumulation of knowledge, it provides not only a technologically advanced engine products, but the entire mature vehicle matching program and a wealth of service experience. This "global knowledge base," the power to make Cummins engine to go beyond the simple role of suppliers, "Standing in electronic control technology and market" expert's point of advising clients, thus reducing use of new technologies for electronic control concerns , which is Cummins and other regional brands compared to the greatest advantage. In fact, 3 emission standards in the country has not been mandatory in the country when the Cummins engine to the engine electronic control country occupies 80% of the market, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities and Jiuzhaigou scenic area on the tourist bus have assembled a Cummins engine electronic control for the urban environment clean and make a contribution.