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Cummins KTA50 marine engine technical parameters

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Kummins maintenance consultant to help you fully understand the boats of KTA50-D (M) Cummins marine engine technical parameters, dimensions, compression ratio, bore & stroke. The correct maintenance for your convenience your Cummins diesel engine.

Engine Type: Kummins marine generator prime mover
Engine Series: K50
Engine model: KTA50
Engine model: KTA50-D (M)
Engine structure type: V-type 16-cylinder 4-stroke
Suction method: Turbo-cool
Displacement: 50 liter / 3067 cubic inches
Bore & stroke (mm / inch): 159x159mm [6.25x6.25 cu in]
Compression ratio: 13.8:1
Engine turned: for flywheel counterclockwise
Power (KW): 880
Power (HP): 1180
Speed ​​(RPM): 1500 
Diesel fuel consumption (L/hr-- g / hr) :217.0 - 57 .4
Power Type: prime power common power
Basic engine dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 2638x1415x1766
Weight kg: 5148
Engine heat exchanger configuration: Kiel cooling or heat exchanger structure
Sump volume: Standard Capacity (152L [40g]), (178L [47g]), (205L [54g]) or high volume of sump oil pan (246L [65g])
Flywheel housing: SAE 0 flywheel number or 00
Diesel clutch configuration: 533mm [21in], 457mm [18in] or 356mm [14in] clutch match
Certificate: Certificate of Classification
Exhaust Type: Water-cooled exhaust pipe

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