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How to maintain diesel engines in winter

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Recently, with the cold of snow struck the north, the weather getting cold, so winter maintenance of Cummins diesel engine is particularly important, we briefly introduce some of the winter maintenance of the Cummins diesel engine, and I hope to be helpful.

First, the Cummins diesel engine running in the winter, if parked in open areas, should always pay attention to weather changes, when the local temperature is below 4 degrees, Cummins diesel engine cooling water tank should be let go in the cooling water, because water 4 degrees relatively large volume changes, when the water changes from liquid to solid, the volume expansion will increase the damage to the cooling radiator.

Second, Cummins diesel engine in winter because of poor working conditions, so then you need to frequently changes the air filter, air filter as well as cold weather diesel filter requirements are particularly high, if not replaced will increase engine wear, affect the engine life.

Third, the Cummins diesel engine load when winter starts, the cylinder intake air temperature is low, the piston is difficult to achieve after the compressed gas diesel natural temperature. So before you start the Cummins diesel engine should be the corresponding auxiliary methods to improve the body's temperature Cummins diesel engine.

Fourth, the Cummins diesel engine from low speed after the first 3-5 minutes, in order to improve the whole temperature Cummins diesel engine, check oil lubrication work, check the normal to put into normal operation. Cummins diesel engine operation to minimize suddenly stepped on the accelerator to speed up the maximum speed or operation, or else a long time will affect the life of the valve components.

Fifth, in the choice of winter Cummins diesel engine oil, they should try to choose a little thin viscosity oil.

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