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The Maintenance Manual of Cummins(1)

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11. Standards Genset Technical Maintenance
A. Daily Maintenance
B. Genset Maintenance (Class I)
C. Genset Maintenance (Class II)
D. Genset Maintenance (Class III)
12. List about How to Fix a Common Breakdown
1. Preface
Dear Customer: FDK Co.‟s Cummins diesel gensets, adopt Sino-American Cummins engines and American Marathon alternators (or Britain Stamford alternators or Sino-American Kaijielie alternators).This manual supplies you the guidance to the installation, appliance and safeguard of the diesel gensets. Please read it earnestly. If something problem remains please contact the technical dept. or the after-sale dept. of FDK. No matter whether you are an overseas customer or not, you can send your partners to be trained free in our company.
2. Permanence and Technical Parameter
2.1 Definition of Types
Character/Code Name
YT1—Single bearing trailer type /YT2---Double bearing trailer type
A---Automatic /B---Hood type/Yz---Vehicle carried type /T---Special genset /J---Sound-proof type/Blank---Basic mode
Type Code
E---Electric injection type /P--- Particular type /G---Gas mode /Blank---Basic mode
Rated Reserving Power (LTP): kw
Short for “Genset”
Short for “Cummins”
Short for “Fudiankang”
2.2 Basic Parameter
* 400v/230v, 3-phrase, 4 line, neutral point contact
* 50Hz/60Hz
* Rated power factor: 0.8 (lagging)
* Total wave distortion:﹤ 5%
* Telephone influenced factor (TIF):﹤50%
* Telephone homophonic factor (THF):﹤2%
* The electromagnetic compatibility accords with: BS 800 Standard/ VDE Grade: Grade N
Voltage Features:
Voltage United Scope (VUs): ±5%
Sudden United Voltage Deviation (SUdyn):≤-15%~≤+20%
Time of Voltage United (TU): ≤4s
Steady Voltage Deviation (Sust):≤±1%
Voltage Unbalanced Rate (Su 2.0 ): 1%
Frequency Feature:
Frequency Falling (Sft): ≤3%
Steady Frequency Belt (Bf):≤0.5%
Sudden Frequency Deviation (Sfdyn): -7%~+10%
Time of Frequency Regained ( ≤3S
Relative Frequency Compatible Deviation (af):2%

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