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The Maintenance Manual of Cummins(2)

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2.3 Diesel Engine Performance Parameter
Cummins (Including Cummins NTA, KTA19,KTA38, KTA50) Series: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
In-letting Gas system:
Wasted Gas Turbocharger
With turbine presser for wasted gas from air inter-cooler
Crankshaft: Alloy steel structure, whole-bearing, axel-neck and circular angle under quenching.
Cylinder body: Alloy steel casting iron brake with alternative wet cylinder hood
Piston: Alloy steel with crystal silicon, first ring inserting mill and cooled oil
Lubricating System:
Adopting alter-current oil pump, optimizing, oil capacity in engine
Cooling System:
Adopting inner gear centrifugal pump to strengthen cooling which effects well.
The circular mode water filter prevents rusting and rotting so as to remove impurity efficiently.
Fuel System:
The PT fuel system with its Cummins patent technique has features of high pressure injection, with sufficient fuel.
Filtering System
The dried air filter is equipped with air resistance indicator.
Starting System:
The auto-motor has 24v direct current with speedy starting capability.
Cooling Starting Performance:
Without aiding equipment, its lowest starting cold temperature is below 7°C
2.4 Synchronous Alternator Technical Data:
Form and Structure:
Brushless magnetic exciter, 3-phrase revolving rectification unit, with over voltage protection system.
The low electrical reactance for lowering harmonious fluctuation.
The self-excited adjustment controller is to adjust the generator‟s transmitting capability.
Stator winding covered by oxygen insulated paint, rotor, magnetic driver, PMG (permanent magnetic generator), dipped by polyester clear paint, with its feature of moist-proof, oil-proof, acid-proof and insulation, etc.
Iron core of superior silicon steel flakes.
2.5 Genset Control System:
* Equipped with basic indicating data such as electric current, voltage, oil pressure, cool tank temperature and time accumulator, etc.
*With the protecting functions for hypervelocity, low oil pressure, high temperature tank and start failure after 3 times.
With control functions of telecom driver, present driver or stopper.
With the instantaneous stop function for preventing accidents, etc.
2.6 Stipulated Criterion for Genset Appliance:
The following criterion describes how to use the gensets correctly which will ensure their diesel engines to drive the alternators.
Appliance Conditions:
Absolute Temperature pressure: 89.9kPa (or 100m above sea level).
Environmental temperature: 313K (40°C)
Environmental humidity:60%
Rated reserving (Limited transmitting power/LTP): means that in a stipulated maintenance period and environmental situation, the genset can continuously transmit 300 hours. It can supply its highest power of 500 hours per year, without over-load and transmitting with any electrical network.
Permanent Reserving Power (Basic Power/PRP): means that in a stipulated maintenance period and environmental situation, it can reserve as the largest power in an unlimited repetitive power sequence. In such a situation, within a 12- hour stipulated period, a capacity overload of 10 % in one hour is available.
Permanent Power (Continuous Power/COP): means that in a stipulated maintenance period and environmental situation, it can continuously supply power in an unlimited time per year.
3. Amendment for Genset Power:
The rated power (LTP/PRP) of the genset must be amended in a nonstandard condition, and applied in a power after it is amended, otherwise, some accidents such as superheat, black smoke and decline frequency will happen to the genset. If it moves in such a state, the genset will destroyed soon. The amendment of the genset power can be divided into two parts: engine and alternator. Due to the influence from the environment to the engine is larger than to the stipulation of engine. In detail please check the “Manual of Appliance to Amendment”.

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