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Cummins and DCEC was elected to be good corporate citizens

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December 4, 2011, sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, "corporate citizen member of the General Assembly Third Committee and the seventh best corporate citizen awards ceremony" was held in Beijing's Great Hall.

   Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. list, awarded "China's outstanding corporate citizen," the honorary title. At this point, Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has four consecutive years of gains awards, Dongfeng Cummins is winning reelection for two consecutive years.

 Cummins and its enterprises in China has consistently adhered to "taking from the community, giving back to society" concept, success in business, while always adhere to the Cummins core values, strictly abide by the Code of Business Conduct, a positive commitment to corporate responsibility. With Dongfeng Cummins, for example, in 2011, the company has launched a Baokang student, environmental propaganda, sympathy elderly nursing home to visit the welfare of children and a series of public service activities.

 Cummins has always been adhering to the integrity, innovation, and create success, back to the community, focusing on companies involved in diverse and global value system and philosophy. The company encourages employees and community groups to mobilize public service employees play a special skill to improve the quality of life of communities, and truly serve the community, the society is rooted in 30 of China, Cummins company in China believe that the development of an even brighter future.

   The honor was for Cummins and its businesses in China is both praise and encouragement is the value of the expression and recognition, the future of Cummins to consolidate the good model of sustainable development, the business development and practice of social responsibility complement each other, with a new attitude and image of corporate citizenship into the construction of a new process.


"Seventh Annual China Corporate Citizen" by the only dedicated "corporate social responsibility" to promote and popularize the concept of a national community organization - China Association of Social Workers sponsored by the Committee corporate citizen. This year's theme: quality and accountability, innovation and development. Business representatives have talked about their knowledge and views on corporate responsibility, and according to their company's corporate responsibility activities involved in the actual cases illustrate the importance of corporate responsibility and corporate responsibility activities by the benefits to society.

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