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The Maintenance Manual of Cummins(3)

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4. Standard of Applying Oil-bearing and Coolant:
Please apply the diesel which accords with the standard of GB 252, etc. , and choose the suitable recommendations (see Picture 1) according to the temperature of the work place.
Lubricating Oil:
Please apply the lubricating oil which accords with the standard of GB 7631.3, etc. and for all lubricating oil, choose the suitable brand of viscosity (see Picture 2) according to the temperature of the work place.
Note: The ideal way is to choose the Cummins engine oil.
4.3 Coolant:
The composition coolant:
Add anti-cooling and anti-rotten additive to the water.
A. Soft Water: Use clarified rain or clean and soften water with PH value of 6.5-8 only.
B. Add a proportionate anti-cooling and anti-rotten additive. Generally the quotation must be decided according to the lowest temperature of the work place and under the indication of the anti-cooling fluid sold.
C. Even in the work place of high temperature without preventing cold, it‟s rather necessary to apply the coolant so as to prevent the part from getting rusty and air-brake destroyed.
D. If purchased, please contact our Dept. of Technology, FDK Co. Customers are free to consult us about technological problems at any moment.
(Picture 1: Lowest Temperature for Work Place/ Light Diesel Brand)
E. After compounded the coolant can be added to the water tank.
F. Additive is harmful to people‟s health, so safety must not be ignored while operating it.
5. Genset Installation:
5.1 Requirements for Ground Base of Generator Room
If no particular base, it can be installed on the horizontal plane and the strong concrete surface. And rubberized pad will be supplied with the genset.
5.2 Size of Generator Room
If the place big enough to hold, then you may arrange in the same room, the diesel genset, together with its fuel tank, ATS, control cabinet, etc. While installed, the genset as well as its accessories must be away from each within at least 1 meter, so as to be checked, maintained and repaired in a good condition.
5.3 Ventilation for Generator Room:
A. The room must have enough fresh air so as to be burnt and cooled by the genset while it works. If needed, the air pipeline can be installed to strengthen ventilation. The area for ventilation must occupy at least twice of the water tank (radiator).
B. The gas run off the respirator of the engine must be first induced before the radiator, and then out of the room so as not to pollute the respirator and lower the function of cooling.
C. The wind entry had better placed behind the genset so that air circulation can be improved.
D.The genset exhaust pipelines must be wrapped up by heat insulation materials. If permitted, place the muffler and the larger part of the pipelines as out of the generator room as possible.
E. The Shutter:
The effective area must be at least 70% and have good obstruction of streamline and depression, with its inside installed nits for preventing from birds, rats and injurious insects, etc. But never prevent itself from cooling and streamline on the move. Between the shutter and the water tank, some soften materials for heat-resisting and oil-preventing, such as canvas, must be connected.
5.4 Installation of Exhaust Pipeline
A. Generally, the exhaust valve, will be combined first with the bellows, then with the muffler through other steel pipelines.
B. The exhaust pipeline system is generally fixed by hanging frames fixed on ceiling. If not allowed on the site, some support on the ground must be arranged (except the small power gensets).
C. The sprinkler head cannot be jetted off so as to prevent from rain, snow or other foreign matter. If upwards, rain-proof caps must be installed.
D. When more gensets arranged in the same room, the exhaust pipelines must be installed separately instead of coming together into one, otherwise the diesel genset will cause breakdown.
E. The diameter of the exhaust pipeline at the back of the muffler must at least in the size of the diameter of the muffler exit.

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