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The Maintenance Manual of Cummins(4)

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If the pipeline‟s elbows too many, the diameter of the exhaust pipeline must be enlarged.
F. If the noise of the shutter needs lowering in advance, the 2nd class muffler can be installed. (see Picture 3)
(Picture 3: A. The exhaust pipeline can be moved freely within the frame.
B. The frame can support the muffler, but the two cannot be fixed.
C. bellow
Heat-preventing materials / lined board / muffler / bracket)
5.5 FDK-Cummins Genset Installation Mode Pattern:
(Single genset with soundproof 85dBA within 1 meter/ see Picture 4)
Picture 4: (upwards上部图)
C: genset neutral line/ M: cable ditch /FGY: air entry / J: cable ditch to the power distribution room/ B: soundproof door/ A: pipeline for fuel conveyer (while using the oil storage tank )
C: exhaust pipeline / inner and outer guards / exhaust pipeline hanging rack/ thermal insulation materials and alloy outer guards / bellow
G: airflow / exhaust muffler / oil tank of genset chassis (choose)
K: airflow / entry muffler / shutter / cable ditch
5.6 Genset Installation Model in Particular condition:
(see Picture 5: Radiator Installation / Picture 6: Heat Converter Installation)
Picture 5:
Cooling for far-placed water tank / inflation water tank / radiator fan by motor start
Note: The height for radiator installation is hinged on the type of genset ventilation fan
Cooling for far-placed water tank----high-placed
Roof / wholly-sealed and far-placed water tank
Note: the height for radiator installation is henged on the situation of installation.
Motor pump/ stopping valve /soft connection/ heat converter / soft connection /water tank for genset cooling and supplying loop
Note: The circulation of air in the generator room must be in better condition so that the radiated heat can be taken away from the genset and the air for burning in genset can be supplied.
Picture 6
Cooling / water tower/ water pond / heat converter
5.7 Installation Requirement for Fuel Supply System:
A. Fuel tank for daily use together with oil storage tank can be adopted for 8 hours‟ working whose volume is calculated as: the genset rated power times 2.7 liters.
B. The fuel tank for daily use must be 1 meter higher than the genset installation plane, but not too high, so as to prevent its pressure from exceeding the load of the genset fuel pump.
C. The exit of the oil storage tank must be 75 mm above the fuel tank bottom.
D. The bottom of the oil storage tank must lean over 30 mm to the ground so as to prevent its inside from accumulating and absorbing dust into the daily-use fuel tank. It‟s also convenient for removing different obstacles.
E. When the oil storage tank full, after 48 hours sediment, the accumulated dust and water inside must be discharged before reuse.
Fuel-feed System (Picture 7-8)
(Left----Right/ Up----Down)
Ventilation exit / exhaust valve/ refueling pipe/ oil volume indicator /overhauling place /
Leaning / stick or steel structural support / filter / fuel-feed valve / fuel-feed pipe / not lower than 500 mm / soft connection / genset
Fuel-feed System Pattern
(Without neutral fuel tank)
Ventilation exit / exhaust valve / large-scale oil storage tank / refueling pipe / oil volume indicator / overhauling place /leaning / stick or steel structural support / overflowing connection ( to dust-collected pond)
Overflowing pipe / fuel-feed valve / double pump / filter /discharge gate / dust-collected pond / neutral fuel tank / volume switch / fuel-feed pipe / oil-setback pipe / soft connection / genset
Fuel-feed System Pattern (With Neutral fuel tank)
6.1 Installation ways are uncovered, inside cable slot, buried, laid and mixed with multi-lines.
6.2 The end line of genset must be connected with soft cable so as to reduce the vibration frequency of genset. If there‟s some distance between the switch and the genset, a cable connection box can be installed beside the genset so that the length of the soft cable line may be saved. A cable connection box can be applied among the connection box, the switch screen and the electrical distribution screen, so that some expenditure can be decreased.

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