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Reasons for Cummins diesel engine oil pan cause water

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1, sleeve perforation
 Cummins NT855 diesel engine type TY220 bulldozer pushed in the mountains and the Central are on the cards used dump truck. It uses wet cylinder liner, cylinder diesel engine with direct contact with cooling water for cooling. Circulating cooling water in the process of erosion of the outer surface of the cylinder liner will form the outer surface of the cylinder liner cavitation and cavitation; liner over time will appear at the outer surface of the positive side more intensive pit, and in severe perforation into the cylinder diesel engine oil pan. To check whether the perforated liner or concrete cylinder liner which is perforated by corrosion, can be removed after the engine oil pan radiator tank filled with water, and slowly pry the switch engine, observe whether there is water out of the cylinder wall or dripping, you can determine if the coolant leaking cylinder liner has perforated; In addition, if the cylinder water-blocking ring is damaged, the coolant will enter the oil pan, if found coolant dripping from the cylinder wall, the rubber ring may be damaged due to water blocking. In turn engine skid, if the rotation is very difficult, can not be forcibly pry turn; this happens, probably because in the compression stroke of the cylinder into the coolant, then, does not pay attention, it may damage the engine connecting rod or other components.
2, oil radiator damage
Cummins NT855 diesel engine oil cooling by the side of the cylinder diesel engine mounted in the engine oil cooler to complete. Radiator core composed by a row of brass, copper coolant in the radiator core flow in the pipe diesel oil outside of cycles; flow during high-temperature oil cooled by the cooling fluid in order to guarantee the oil temperature. When the radiator burst copper pipe sealed at both ends of the radiator core or failure of the cooling fluid may be said by the oil into the engine sump. Diesel engine work, oil pressure should be higher than the pressure of circulating water in the oil under pressure difference can crack through the copper tube into the cooling fluid. At this point, the performance of diesel oil in the tank; when the engine stopped working, due to the water tank above the oil cooler, this height difference in the formation of pressure, cooling water through the radiator will enter the tube through the oil channel diesel engine oil pan, the engine radiator to determine whether there is oil. When the brass radiator core is damaged, check to be done with compressed air, the specific method is: the radiator core at both ends sealed with the iron, leaving a small hole at one end, through the hole in the copper tube filled with water with 7kg of compressed air blown from the hole and keep the 5-10min; if water or gas oil from crossing out of the radiator, copper radiator damage can be determined is to be replaced. In addition, if both ends of the radiator and radiator core cover seal failure may also result in cooling water into the sump.
3, cylinder gasket damage
Cummins diesel engine cylinder head and engine block between the cylinder head gasket to seal by the cylinder block waterways in the cylinder there is a corresponding pad ring, to ensure that the coolant does not leak. If the engine cylinder head or cylinder block plane flatness error beyond the permitted range, Mifengbuyan will inevitably cause the cylinder head gasket, coolant may leak into the sump. In addition, if the diesel engine cylinder head according to the specified tightening bolts or in the cleaning process the surface clean and untreated, resulting in cylinder head gasket is not compressed, this time will result in coolant leakage. To accurately determine the cylinder head gasket is damaged there is a certain degree of difficulty, and only in the discharge of the cylinder and the oil radiator failure to perform this inspection.
4, the cylinder head damage
Diesel engine cylinder head cracking, even if only a small crack in the engine coolant will work from the crack and leak into the oil pan within the cylinder. Generally will not damage the cylinder head, to know whether intact, 7kg of compressed air available to be checked. Once damaged, should be replaced immediately.
Check the engine oil using the process, if that turns milky white oil, be sure to stop and carefully check the repair, troubleshooting before continuing work. Otherwise they will be leaving due to poor lubrication occurs Lava engine, cylinder, crankshaft locking even vicious machinery accidents.

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