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WEICHAI DEUTZ 226B series landuse and marine gensets

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Weichai Deutz 226B Series Land Generating Sets is matched by 226B series diesel engine made by the joint venture of Germany and our company, such as Stanford or the marathon match generator. Continuous output from 18 kW to 120KW. This is left to the normal generator, and automatically generate sets (AMF), according to its control. It can match the type of trailer, closed frame types.

Turbine main components:

Generator: Marathon, Stamford alternator;

Control Panel: Control panel installed on a common basis for shock absorbers. Air filter is accompied delivery of generators.

Optional components: engine protection module, a parallel device, common ground tanks, electronic speed control, automatic start, automatic transfer switches (ATS), and remote control equipment, closed frame type, rain sheld and trailer type.

Weichai Deutz 226B Series Marine Generating Sets are powered by 226B series diesel engines which are produced by the joint wenture company of Weichai and Deutz Company, Germany produced a joint venture wenture engine, and equipped with a well-known generator. Output power range is 24 - 120KW, CSS and ZY, BV certification available.

GB/T13032-1991 standard for turbine manufacturing and testing.

Turbine main components:

Generator: Marathon, Stanford University and Lanzhou generators and F or H insulation grade.It normal operation can also be used for load transfer between the generator.

Parallel connection: two or more normal marine generator sets, you can not stop the load can be achieved in parallel.

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