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The Maintenance Manual of Cummins(7)

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10. Rules for Genset Operation, Safeguard and Examination:
Start failure or operation failure of standby gensets is mostly due to wrong maintenance. Therefore genset technicians should strictly carry out the plan of daily examination and maintenance.
A. Items for examination before start:
1. Normal lubrication oil state of engines.
2. Normal water exhausting switches.
3. Normal water coolant. (Method for adding water: Re-examine after the trial operation and power cut, add water repeatedly until it is rather full.)
4. Normal radiating rib and water coolant. (If it stops up, clear it at once.)
5. Normal indicator for air resistance. (When the red part is all exposed, change the air filter and recover the resistance indicator.)
6. Normal fuel volume (Let out the sediment water and that in the oil-water separator.)
7. Examine if there‟s any leak of oil or water. (It‟s never allowed.)
8. Cut off the main switch.
9. If it is the genset with mechanical governor, set up the revolving speed at the state of idle speed.
10. Normal warning indicator lamplight. (When the key is installed on the operation button, the warning light for breakdown must be shining.)
11. The switch of the genset control cabinet must be installed on the “OFF” place. Then examine if the accumulator is loose.
12. Cold start can be preheated for 50 seconds.
13. Time to start engine is not more than 15 seconds. As soon as it succeeds in starting, return the switch key to the operation place immediately.
14. After start, let the genset go free for 20 minutes.
15. After start, examine if the revolving speed is normal. If there‟s no strange sound or the “3 leakages”(leakages of oil ,water and gas), it‟s time for merging the valve to supply power.
B. Ordinary Operation Examination for Gensets
16. Examine the state of engine and fill in the record of operation every hour. Then check if each instrument meter as well as the warning is normal or not.
17. Within the genset continuous operation every other 8 hours, the lubricating oil level
indicator must be examined and the operation records must be filled in.
Warning: It‟s dangerous to work beside or on the top of the operating engine. Be careful to place the parts and the surface with high temperature.
18. While the genset warning starts to work, check up the causes, start up again and write down the operation records.
19. Try not reducing the survey in low load or no load. The no load operation is limited, within 10 minutes.
Warning: As to operation of electric system, the operator must switch off the power source after the genset halts. Warning: while the genset is operating, the output backtracks, partly measures and the control backtracks are all carrying alternative voltage of 400v. Please do not touch this exposed metal part of hardware, or it will cause some personal injury.
Attention: Except for those who have been trained and have gained the qualifications under the permission of the manufacturer. Otherwise please do not take apart the functional accessories in the electric control system or change any electric components inside so as to avoid destroying the equipment!
Attention: Within the operation of genset, it is not allowed to cut off the supply backtrack of battery, or the equipment will be destroyed!
C. Temporary Relief for Examination:
20. Switch off the general switchboard, remain the engine no load for several minutes before halting and cool the pressure booster so as to avoid the harmful “Second Boiling”.
21. Press the normal halting button and turn the key to “Off” brake until the engine stops revolving.
22. If unused for several days, the chief power switch must be placed to “Off” brake. (While the switch for auto-start genset must not be separated.) When the engine starts, make sure no accumulator line cannot be cut off, or the voltage regulator and the charger will be destroyed.
D. Examination for Genset Safeguard and Maintenance:
23. It is determined that, according to the present annual lowest temperature, “water tank additives” must be added to the engine. And every other month appropriate quantity of the additives is available, in which the additives must be changed once a year around. While changing the coolant, use clear water to wash the coolant system until the clean water flows out.
Attention: Never mix the anti-icing fluid with the antiseptic. If the two mixed, foaming agent will be produced and the effect of the coolant will be quickly decreased. Each time while adding, use the coolant that is the same as the original one in the cooling system.
Warning: Except for in the urgent situation, do not open the water cover when the temperature of the engine keeps rather high, otherwise the steam may spray out. Everyday before the engine starts, check if the coolant has been filled up. If necessary, continue to increase the additives.
24. As the battery is installed, first connect the red line (+) with the battery pole (+), then connect the black line with the battery pole (-); while the battery is cut off, first take apart the black line (-) then the red line (+). Never make mistakes about pole (+) and pole (-), or sparks will fly off and explosion will happen. The battery must be kept dry, clean and tidy, or it will cause short circuit, a decline voltage and discharge. The joint of the electric wire is not allowed to loose. On the joint paints with protective coating or Vaseline. And the surface of the electrolyte must be above 5-10mm of the battery electrode. If necessary, increase some distilled water. After that let the engine idle operate in a high speed for 30 minutes and then charge the battery.
Warning: It‟s not allowed to appear any sparks or torches nearby, which will cause dangers of fire and explosion.
Warning: The electrolysis contains sulphuric acid with strong corrosiveness, so while moving or charging, please do safeguard your skin and clothes. A pair of goggles and a pair of gloves are rather necessary for you. If some electrolysis sprays onto your skin , wash it with plenty of clean water or a load of soap at once. If the electrolysis sprays into your eyes, wash with plenty of clean water and go to the hospital at once.
25. If the fusing line touches off repeatedly, it means there‟s something matter to which must be repaired immediately.
26. Every other 50 hours, examine the level of the electrolyte of the battery as well as the leakage of water and electricity.
27. Every other 200 hours, examine the tightness of the belt for the charging generator and regulate it.
28. Every other 300 hours, change the lubricating oil in the bottom of the oil tank, as well as the oil filter.
29. Every other 400 hours, change the fuel filter (shorten the period according to the state of oil quality and oil grease.)
Warning: In order not to cause fire by the spraying oil onto the hot surface, the fuel filter must be changed in the cooling state. Just take apart the filter, paint a little lubricating oil on the sealing washer of the fresh filter, twist the filter until its sealing washer touches the stand, then twist it to tight (no leakage). Don‟t twist it repeatedly. Drain off the air in the fuel system, start the engine and examine if there‟s any leakage.
30. Every other 800 hours:
A. Drain off the deposit in the fuel tank;
B. Examine if there‟s any oil leakage in the exit or entry of the pressure booster.
C. Examine the water tank and neutral cooler. (It‟s not allowed to be blocked.)
31. Every other 1,200 hours, please ask experts to examine the leakage of air valve and regulate it if necessary.
32. Every other 2,400 hours:
A. Ask experts to take it apart and examine it, regulate the oil-spraying head.
B. Ask experts to examine the operation state of pressure booster, and start the engine to examine as usual.
33. Every other 6 months, change the filter of coolant, and examine the water level of the coolant as well.
34. Every other year, wash the cooling system, change the coolant and examine if there‟s water leakage. Remove the obstacles in the economizer and in the cooler.

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