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The normal cause of failure and treatment when Cummins engine work weakness

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The situation that Cummins diesel engine is always underpowered is very common in its working time. There are variety of reasons which causes its failure. This result our customer can’t determine the failure timely and correctly. The engine working in this situation for long time will increases the maintenance cost. Following, we will discuss some common cause of failure for brief treatment. Wish can be helpful to our customers.

Reason 1: The air intake is not smooth processing: check filters, pipes and turbochargers. Turbocharger should be clean, without dirt. Flexible to ensure that the turbocharger impeller rotation.

Reason 2: high exhaust back pressure treatment: case load, check and correct the exhaust back pressure
Reason 3: In the hot weather or high altitude areas, the thin air handling: Climatic conditions affect the diesel engine, into thin air should reduce the load
Reason 4: leak between the air filter and the diesel engine handling: Check all pipe clamps, fittings and gaskets. Re-tighten
Reason 5: turbocharger compressor is dirty: cleaning or replacing the turbocharger, check the turbocharger whether the dirt
Reason 6: poor fuel quality treatment: check and replace the fuel
Reason 7: fuel pipeline leak treatment: check the connection availability of loose, pipes with or without rupture, the filter is not on tight, etc., and 11 correction
Reason 8: pipeline blocked processing: the pipeline of a foreign body or pipe damage, clean up repair
Reason 9: within the oil road or outside the oil road oil spill: all filters, gaskets, pipes and fittings for outside oil oil spill detection. Within the oil pressure way for oil spill detection. Repair or replacement of
Reason 10: fuel into the oil is not smooth: check the fuel filter is clogged, fuel tarnished. Check the hose fittings or other connections are tight. Repair or replacement of
Reason 11: fuel injector fuel injection plug the hole processing: cleaning fuel injectors and fuel injection room, replacement and re-adjustment
Reason 12: damage to the gear pump or gear wear treatment: a test rig to test the height of the pumping. Repair or replacement of
Reason 13: the size of the fuel injector fuel injection chamber does not deal with: re-adjust the fuel injector replacement
14: reasons for the fuel injector fuel injection room rupture process: Remove the injector and the injection chamber. Replacing a ruptured fuel injection chamber. Adjust the fuel injector
Reason 15: injector O-ring damage: Replacement O-ring
Reason 16: throttle lever rotation wear or need to adjust the treatment: Check wear, replace and adjust the drive rod
Reason 17: high-speed speed limiter down too processing: re-adjust

Reason 18: the air-fuel ratio controller (AFC) calibration does not correctly handle: to re-adjust the accurate
Reason 19: fuel pump calibration is not correct: to re-calibrate the fuel pump
Reason 20: injector flow: check the fuel injector O-sealing ring, injection room, plunger filter and injector flow, replace the damaged parts, re-adjust
Reason 21: pneumatic solenoid valve ASA blockage processing: Check or replace the installation of new pneumatic solenoid valve (ASA physical status)
Reason 22: pneumatic solenoid valve ASA or air-fuel ratio controller (AFC) of the bellows leak into the air handling: Tighten the joints.
Or replacement of parts
Reason 23: oil oil level is too high processing: check the oil scale shown in the oil height.
Drain excess oil
Reason 24: leak handle seal: pressure check, find the leak of the cylinder.
Replacement and repair
Reason 25: valve leakage or adjust incorrect: Check for leaks, re-adjust the valve
Reason 26: piston ring rupture or wear treatment: Remove the exhaust manifold.
Check for damp or coke, repair, replacement
Reason 27: bearing clearance is not handling: check the bearing clearance, replacement of qualified bearings
Reason 28: The diesel engine is coming overhaul of treatment: check the diesel engine running mileage and hours of work, timely overhaul
Reason 29: valve and injection timing is not correct processing: re-adjust valve timing and injection timing
Reason 30: valve stuck handling: check valve mounting height, make the necessary adjustments
Cause 31: cylinder liner or piston wear or abrasion processing: Check measurements replacement repair
Reason 32: injector need to adjust the treatment: cleaning and adjust as needed. Check the injector room with or without wear and tear. Piston top without problems.
Replacement or repair, re-adjust
33: reasons for the rail pressure switch (MVT) closed: check the rail pressure and the oil pump calibration accuracy, whether such as tarnished and worn, replacement and maintenance of switch parts.
34: reasons of MVT electromagnetic valve plug the hole: Replacement O-ring, clean channel plunger, check the solenoid valve, whether dirt or impurities
Reason 35: solenoid valve plunger stuck in the forward position (MVT) handle: check the air pressure, circuit break, the seal is broken. Repair as needed.

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