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Features on Deutz Construction machines engine

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BFM1015C series diesel engines
Advanced Deutz V-engine. The power is from 214KW to 440KW. The emission is better than Euro II.

The torque reserve is from 30% to 45%. The rated speed scope is 1800-2100r/min. It can be fit for many different kinds of products and can be applicated in different road conditions.

The engine adopts the inner oil-line and inner water channel structure that makes the external pipes less distinctly. It can reduce the potential possiblilities of failures. The service life is about 15000 hours.

One-cylinder-one-head structure, good universality and convenient maintenance.

The inlet heating device can keep good start at temperature of -35°C.

TCD2015 series diesel engine
By improving the injection system, selecting Bosch ECP, this serie of engines can reach Euro III, and the power is from 240KW to 5000KW.

B/FL413/513 series diesel engine
Deutz technology, V-engine, Including the following 4 kinds: 6-cylinder, 8 cylinders, 10 cylinders and 12-cylinders. The power is from 102KW to 410KW. One cylinder one head structure, without cooling water circulation system, both of which can disinctly make the external pipes less and save maintenance time and also can reduce the potential possiblitities of failures. It can be widely used in the high temperature, cold, arid and water deficient regions.

The inlet heating device can keep good start at temperature of -35°C..

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