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We have Cummins KTA19 genuine engine parts stock for sale

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Recently, we have the Cummins KTA19 genuine parts stock for sale. The parts name and part number are in the following. If anyone have any interest, welcome to contact us.
Part name                                           Part Number
Rod Bearings STD                              205840AF
Upper Gasket Set                               3803598AF
Lower Gasket Set                               3801007AF
Camshaft Bushings                            3002834AF
Main Bearing STD Set                        AR12270AF
Valve Spring                                       3633840AF
Rotator                                               3081081FP
Valve Stem Guide                              3202210AF
Exhaust Valve Set                              205093FP
Intake Valve                                       3052819FP
Exhaust Valve Set                              3803528AF
( Inconel ) W/ Lock 
Intake Valve ( Tribaloy )                     803518AF
Piston Kit 13.8:1 K Series                   3631246
( Replace 3803530 )
Liner Kit STD K19                               4024767
Piston Ring Set STD K Series             4089500
Camshaft STC K19                            3066882AF
complete water pump                         3098961
Flywheel                                           3973497
Ring gear                                          3908546
Exhaust manifolds                        3922925/3911670

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