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DEUTZ Combustion Management

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Our engine range includes combustion systems with indirect diesel injection for the smaller engines and direct fuel injection for all other engines. We will continue to offer both systems.

We will retain aspirated and turbocharged engines for the range below 56 kW | 75 hp. The choice of these two combustion management types is performance-dependent. In the class above 56 kW | 75 hp where the NOX emission limits are stricter, the engines additionally have a turbocharger and a charge air cooler.

For some engines we also offer optional 2-valve and 4-valve variants. The larger the inlet valve cross-section, the more aspirated air is available for the combustion. This leads to a better engine filling and combustion and thus a higher power density. Similar applies for the outlet valve related to the conbustion gas outlet. Since the valve size is defined by geometric restrictions, this problem can be solved by using the multi-valve technique.

A 4-valve engine supplies a higher power over the entire speed range and a higher torque in comparison with a conventional 2-valve engine with the same capacity.