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DEUTZ in China

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DEUTZ is the world famous independent diesel engine manufacturer, founded in 1864 by Otto, the great inventer of 4-stroke engine. At present, it has 4 engine factories in and 17 cooperation factories with production permit all over the world. DEUTZ is famous for its air cooling diesel engine. At the beginning of 90's, the company developed water cooling engine as new series with a feature of small size, large power, low noises and easy cold starting. The engines meet the emission regulation in the present word, which has extensive application. Untill today, the series of DEUTZ in are as followings:

 Air cooling diesel engine:
FL511 series,FL912/913 series,FL413/513 series etc.

Water cooling diesel engine:
BFM1015 series,BFM1012/1013 series,BFM2012 serise,TCD2015 series,TBD226B series,TBD234 series,TBD604 series,TBD620 series etc.



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