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The maintenance and repair of generator set

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We have divided three class for the maintenance and repair time of the Cummins diesel, natural gas and biogas geneator set. The followings are for the details.

A class maintenance(every day maintenance)
1)       Check the engine working log sheet
2)       Check the engine oil level and cool liquid liquefaction
3)       Check the engine whether has some damage, leakage and whether the pulley is flabby and abrade
4)       Check the air filter, clean the air filter element
5)       Drain off the water and sediment of the fuel tank and fuel filter
6)       Check cranking battery and battery liquid, add the replenisher when it is necessary
7)       Start the alternator and check whether there have abnormal sound
8)       Use the air gun to clean the water tank, cooler and radiator dust

 B class maintenance
1)       Repeat the A class maintenance
2)       Replace the fuel filter every 100-250 hours
3)       No cleaning the fuel filter, just change the new one. You also can change the fuel filter depending on the real situation of the engine not exact every 100-250 hours later
4)       Change the engine oil and oil filter every 200-350 hours
5)       The oil should meet the above standard of USA API CG
6)       Change the air filter every 300-400 hours
7)       Should emphasis the room environment and then decide the time of changing the air filter. The air filter can be cleaned
8)       Change the water filter and add DCA density
9)       Clean the crankcase breath valve mesh

C class maintenance(the generator set has worked 1500-2000 hours)
1)       Repeat the A and B class maintenance
2)       Dismount the valve chamber cover and clean the smeary and sludge
3)       Fasten all screw(including the operation parts and fixed parts)
4)       Use the engine cleaning to clean the scrap iron and sediment of the crankcase and oil gallery
5)       Check the wear degree of the turbocharger and clean the cardon deposit. Should adjust when it is necessary
6)       Check and adjust the fan pulley, water pump pulley. Adjust and change when it is necessary
7)       Clean the Scattered network of water tank and check the function of thermostat

 The repair time of generator set
A class repair(small repair or D class maintenance)(3000-4000 hours)
1)       Check the wear degree of valve and valve seat. Repair or change when it is necessary
2)       Check the working condition of PT pump and injector. Repair and adjust when it is necessary
3)       Check and adjust twist of torque of connecting rod and all screws
4)       Check and adjust the valve space
5)       Check and adjust the injector stroke
6)       Check and adjust the tensity of fan and alternator pulley
7)       Clean the carbon deposit of intake pipe
8)       Clean the intercool element
9)       Clean the total lubrication oil system
10)   Clean the crap iron of rocker room, oil pan

Medium repair(generator set working 10,000-20,000 hours)
1)       Including the small repair aspects
2)       Decompose the engine except the crankshaft
3)       Check the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, intake and exhaust valve and easy broken parts of  crank-link mechanism and valve actuating mechanism, lubrication system and cooling system. Change them when it is necessary
4)       Check the fuel supply system and adjust the oil pump and oil injector
5)       Repair and check the generator, clean the Oil sediments and lubricate the generator bearing

Big repair(after working 30, 000 hours)
1)       Including the medium repair
2)       Decompose the total engine
3)       Change the cylinder block, piston, piston ring, small and big bearing bush, crankshaft thrust gasket, intake and exhaust valve and full engine repair sets
4)       Adjust the oil pump, injector and change the pump element and injector head
5)       Change the turbocharger gasket set and water pump repair kit
6)       Adjust the connecting rod, crankshaft, body and other parts. repair and change when it is necessary.






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