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Biogenic Fuels for DEUTZ Engines

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An important step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving fossil resources is the substitution of mineral oil-based fuels with biofuels. Fuels from renewable, sustainably produced bio-resources enable a virtually closed CO2 cycle because the plants from which the biofuel is produced take CO2 out of the air during growth, so that the CO2 emissions from the biofuels combusted in the engine are largely compensated for. 

In the Kyoto Protocol (1997) most industrialised countries in the UN community of states entered into a legally binding undertaking to reduce their joint greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 by at least five per cent compared to the level of 1990. In addition, the European biofuels directive 2003/30/EC stipulates that all fuels for the transport sector must have a significant proportion of biofuels. The EU Commission is pursuing the aim of replacing 10% of the conventional fuels used throughout Europe with biogenic fuels by the year 2020. The important aspects here are a positive energy and ecological balance, the highest possible efficiency level per unit of land use and sustainable manufacturing, as well as a minimum CO2 reduction potential .Rising prices for fossil fuels as well as national tax benefits promote a growth in demand for biofuels in the European Union. In Germany, Europe, but also in many other non-European countries such as USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia and Indonesia, bio-diesels are currently being used as the main diesel fuel/bio-diesel blends, but partly also as pure fuels. Additionally, there are also markets for sustainably produced plant oil fuels. 

Of course all DEUTZ engines are approved for the diesel fuel/bio-diesel blends according to EN 590 (up to 7%) and ASTM D 975 (up to 5%) authorised for use in Europe and the USA. Furthermore, there are also a large number of approvals for higher bio-diesel mixture ratios and pure fuels in accordance with EN 14214. Together with the development of the DEUTZ Natural Fuel Engine® as the first industrial series diesel engine which can be exclusively operated with 100% rapeseed oil, DEUTZ is underlining its leading position in the field of biogenic fuels and therefore directly supporting the marketing and sales of bio-fuels to make a contribution towards the ever-increasing replacement of fossil fuels with regenerative fuels in the future, as well as the consequent reductions in the greenhouse effect.


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