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DEUTZ shows future technologies at Agritechnica

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DEUTZ AG, one of the world's foremost independent engine manufacturers, will be presenting a comprehensive range of engines designed to meet the more stringent exhaust gas standard Tier4 interim / Tier 4 final at this year's Agritechnica show in Hanover in Germany between the 10th and 14th of November (Preview Days 8/9 November). The Cologne-based engine manufacturer will be showing agricultural engines in the 28 - 500 kW performance classes for exhaust gas stage Tier 4 interim valid from 2011 for engines over 130 kW at the world's biggest specialist trade fair for agricultural technology. As one of the most renowned suppliers of engines for agricultural use, DEUTZ AG will be offering a broad portfolio of products and applications.


Future emissions guidelines will require a sharp reduction in the emission of particulates and nitrogen oxides. In order to take account of customer needs while complying with the tougher limits on exhaust gas emissions, DEUTZ is offering integrated system solutions in the areas of engine and exhaust gas technology with its DVERT® (DEUTZ Variable Emissions Reduction Technology) system modules. DVERT® is a module-based system of technology components that are compatible with the various engine configurations. The leading principle at DEUTZ is "As much technology as our customers need, not as much as is possible". The various DVERT® elements, external technologies for exhaust gas after-treatment such as oxidation catalysts, particle filters (open and closed design), burners for regeneration and systems for reduction material injection (SCR) can be combined with one another to achieve the desired result in terms of engine performance, compliance with emission limits and competitiveness. The solutions are designed conceptually in such a way that upgrading to what will be the even lower limits of Tier 4 final from 2014 will be possible without major additional modifications.


In the lower performance range, DEUTZ will be presenting a new engine series with the provisional name 20XX. This ultra-compact 2.9 litre-series 4-cylinder in-line engine is being developed specially to meet requirements in the 35 to 100 hp tractor class. The entire performance range of this tractor class can be covered with one engine concept through consistent downsizing in combination with the latest common rail injection system and turbocharger. At the same time, consumption is minimised and operating costs reduced. Naturally, the engine series meets emissions legislation requirements (EU stage IV and US EPA Tier 4). The intelligent engine design means that diesel particulate filters and the associated complex regeneration technology are dispensed with. All that the 4-cylinder in-line engine requires is a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), thus offering more flexible fitting options and significantly lower installation and operating costs. The engine series will go into volume production in 2012.


The compact, liquid-cooled 4-cylinder TCD 2010 engine (50-85 kW; 2,300 – 2600 rpm) fulfils the exhaust gas standards for mobile machines under EU Nonroad 2004/26/EU stage IIIB and US-EPA Tier 4 interim courtesy of its emissions-reducing common rail injection system. On top of this there is exhaust gas recirculation. For emissions reduction outside the engine, DEUTZ is using an open diesel particulate filter (DPF) as a cost-effective standard solution. The combination of a closed DPF system with a burner for regeneration of the particulate filter is available as an option. The burner ensures trouble-free regeneration at every point and under every load condition.


For the middle performance range, DEUTZ has the TCD 2012. The modern water-cooled 4- and 6-cylinder-series engines cover the performance range 67 - 155 kW at 2,400 rpm. The robust, high power density engine has a turbocharger with charge-air cooler, while electronic engine control enables intelligent adaptations for drive management. Featuring high-pressure injection with the DEUTZ common rail system (DCR), the 4-cylinder engine is also available with a mechanical injection system up to 88kW.  Ride comfort is guaranteed courtesy of the 4-cylinder's flywheel. With the DVERT® platform, the slim-design engine fulfils the future exhaust gas stages EU III B/IV and US EPA Tier 4 interim/Tier 4.

At 83-243 kW (1,800 - 2,300 rpm), the water-cooled TCD 2013 in-line engine covers the middle performance range. Fitted with a turbocharger and charge-air cooler, the robust high-performance engine is available in either a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder version. It has high-pressure injection with the DEUTZ common rail system (DCR), electronic engine control with intelligent adaptations for drive management and power take-off options integrated into the wheel operation. The slim-design engine and a variable design of the front end of the engine provide maximum flexibility, while very good consumption figures, simple and cost-effective installation and long service intervals ensure a high degree of economic efficiency. Low noise emission ensures a further cost saving in the damping system. The 2013 engine with the DVERT® platform complies with the future exhaust gas stages EU III B / IV and US-EPA Tier 4 / Tier 4 interim.


The TCD 2015 V-engine completes the range. Available in six- or eight-cylinder versions, the extremely compact and powerful engine covers the performance range 240-500 kW with a speed of 1900 to 2100 rpm. An electronic, solenoid valve-controlled injection system ensures low fuel consumption and therefore high economic efficiency. Low noise emissions, a high level of running smoothness and durability are the products of tried and tested technology. The V-engine meets EU exhaust gas stages IIIB and US-EPA Tier 4 interim for mobile machines.


DEUTZ – in collaboration with its customers – is using engine and exhaust gas after-treatment technology to create integrated system solutions for optimum co-ordination of all components. The project is still at an early stage of development. In order to find the best possible solution for what is often a difficult installation situation, all design-related changes to the engine series have already been carried out for interim stages Tier 4 interim and EU IIIB, and therefore they also comply with stages Tier 4 and EU IV.


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