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Turbocharger User's Manual

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Turbocharger User’s Manual

I. Working Principle

  The turbocharger makes use of exhaust air of an engine to drive a turbine, the running turbine drives a air compressing impeller running at high speed, the compressed fresh air is aspirated into the cylinders of the engine for increasing the air-fuel ratio. Improving efficiency, the fuel will be burned enough. The fuel consumption will be decreased and the engine’s power will be increased. At the same time, with the improvement of the fuel condition, the elements, such as CO, HC, NOX and PM in the waste gas are decreased.

   In high altitude areas, because lack lower air pressure, the power of an engine is reduced. But the engine with a turbocharger would compensate the decreased power because of insufficient air.( the altitude is not more than 2500 meters)

II. Inspection items before mounting

  1 Inspect the turbocharger

a.       Inspect whether the turbocharger meets the engine.

b.       Inspect whether the turbocharger is damaged during the transportation

c.       Turn the shaft & turbine with hand to see whether it runs freely and doesn’t scrap with the cover

   2 Inspect the air-in and air-out tube

a.        inspect whether the air filter element is clean, a dirty filter will cause leakage of the turbocharger, or even the damage of turbocharger

b.       Inspect whether there are any dirty particles in the air-in tube of compressor and the air-out tube of engine to avoid that particles damage the wheel.

   3 Inspect the oil-in and oil-out tube

a.       Inspect whether the oil filter should be renewed, and then feed the new filter element full of lubricating oil

b.       Ensure the oil-in tube and oil-out tubes are clean and not twisted bend or blocked

c.       Renew the sealing washes on oil-in flange and oil-out flange, whether they are eroded or distorted.

d.       Renew the lubricating oil whether it is dirty or deteriorated. To avoid dirt is stained on the bottom of the engine, renew the lubricating oil when engine is still hot. Additionally, when changing the lubricating oil make sure a oil filter is used in order to ensure the diameter of the particles in oil or not more than 20Um, choose the type of the lubricating oil must according to the engine manufacturer’s demand. If there is no regulation, 15W-40CD or above lubricating oil brand is recommended, and different type of lubrication oil cannot be mixed for refill.

III. Mounting Demand

   In order to make the turbocharger work normally, please mount it as follows:

1.       The air-in flannel on turbine housing will be fixed on the air-out tube of engine by an elastic expansion connector to avoid the distortion of the cover and to prevent overheating. If the tube is heavy, there must have a support. Pre-lubricate and ensure the lubrication oil is clean when assembled

2.       The oil outlet on bearing housing must be downward and would not exceed a angle of 23 max from vertical position

3.       The oil-in tube should be as short as possible to decrease the supplying time of the lubrication oil. The oil pressure will be displayed in 3-4 seconds after the engine start to avoid the bearing system being destroyed for short age of lubrication oil.

4.       The diameter of oil-in tube is not less than 9.5mm, and oil-out not more than 30mm(refer to the mounting size graph). The outlet of the oil-out tube should be higher than the max level of the lubrication oil in the bottom of the engine. And the oil-out tube should not be distorted.

5.       The air filter at the inlet of the compressor cover is recommended to choose paper filter to avoid lower power caused by the oil dirt. The pressure difference of the filter will not be more than 6Kpa.

6.       The air-out backpressure of turbine should not be more than 6Kpa. For details refer to the engine’s usage manual.

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