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Turbocharger User's Manual(2)

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IV. The usage of the turbocharger with waste gate

   To improve the low speed performance of the engine, a turbine rotor with a smaller diameter is required to reduce the inertia of the rotor in order to accelerate faster and to increase a fast pressure when the engine works at a lower speeds. As a result when the engine works in a high speed, the engine burst pressure becomes too high and the machinery load can exceed their limits. In order to make the turbocharger have a good match and not lead to excessive engine loads under rated speed, we developed several kinds of turbochargers with waste gate. The opening and closing of the bypass are controlled by the compressor pressure. When the pressure is too high, the actuator’s control lever opens the waste gate, part of the exhaust gas flows around the turbine into the exhaust system. Which does not only solve the questions about the low speed performance but also too high burst pressure in the cylinder.

   We have two kinds of turbocharger with the waste gate:

A.      The actuator is fixed on the turbine housing

B.      The actuator is fixed on the compressor cover

To the following matters you need to pay attention when using the turbocharger

1.       The position of the turbocharger must be arranged reasonably, that is to say, the actuator should be far away from the exhaust tube as far as possible in order to avoid overheating caused by radiation

2.       Don’t adjust compressor’s angle to turbine housing for the turbocharger which actuator, rod and control lever in line during the installation

3.       The angle of the compressor cover and turbine housing must be right and make the actuator, rod and control lever in line during the installation

4.       The exhaust tube should be big enough to avoid high pressure

5.       Don’t take up the actuator by the drawbar and avoid to bend it

6.       Ensure the turbocharger being installed on the engine correctly and don’t use the actuator as a step or a handle when the engine being repaired.

7.       Except to make a routine inspection to the axis and radial direction movement of the control lever, the actuator can’t be repaired.

8.       The actuator has been set correctly according to the engine match request. If it is adjusted freely, the following breakdown may happen.

If the opening pressure set lower, the waste gate would open in lower pressure. If the engine working in high speed the air-fuel ratio becomes smaller and makes fuel combustion bad, at the same time the engine reduces power, the exhaust temperature goes high and emission in exhaust will exceed the standard.

  If the opening pressure set higher, the turbocharger would work in high speed, and makes air pressure become high, the bursting pressure becomes high, the valves and positions of the engine would be damaged early, the impeller would be in fatigue and bears of turbocharger would be worn out.

V: Operating

1.       Starting

a.       The engine should be in idle condition for more than 5 minutes before high load is demanded. If the engine starts after just has run for 30 minutes, the idle time can be short.

b.       If the lubrication or the filter of the engine is renewed, or the engines did not work for more than one week, and the engines run in idle condition, the oil-in connector should be unlocked until the oil leaks. Before demanding high load the engine should be run in idle condition in 5 minutes

2.       Working

a.       Oil-in pressure should be 0.25-0.45 Mpa when the engine is operating

b.       Lubricating oil pressure and temperature, air-inlet temperature and the turbocharger’s speed should not exceed the specification

c.       Defect abnormal noise and vibration of the turbocharger timely. If experienced, stop the engine runs and shoot the trouble or the engine will be destroyed

d.       Avoid the engine runs in idle conditions in a long time. Because, when the engine runs in idle condition, the pressure of the compressor side and turbine side is lower than the lubrication oil pressure in the bearing cover, which can cause the oil leakage of the compressor side and turbine side

3.       Stopping

Don’t stop an engine under full-load suddenly unless under an emergency situation occurs, reduce load gradually idle for 5 minutes and stop the engine.

  The operating method, accelerating-cutoff-taxing, is strictly prohibited for engines used for motor-driven vehicles. The oil pump doesn’t work after the engine is stopped, and the turbocharger being at high temperature without lubricating oil circulating through it would be damaged.

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