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Cummins engine guarantee world-class events

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In 2018, the World Cup began again. Teams from 32 countries captured each other and the players in the stadium ran with sufficient energy. The smooth running of the World Cup outside the stadium required the power of the engine to drive.

In this World Cup, the entire race was rotated between 11 cities. A total of more than 1,000 buses equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engines provided medium and short-distance transportation services for the races. For example, the Xiamen Golden Dragon XMQ6129Y5 coaches used by the participating teams and the 290 organizer racing vehicles of Zhengzhou Yutong.

The engines of these buses are mainly ISD4.5, ISD6.7, ISL, etc. The engine performance is superior, and the emissions meet the Euro V standard, which is
fully suitable for the needs of the European passenger car market.

Cummins unique modular design, the total number of parts less than the traditional engine about 20%, fewer connection points, low failure rate, leading the industry;
Lightweight structure design, flywheel housing and gear chamber parts using high-pressure cast aluminum technology, some parts using high-strength composite materials, lighter than other similar products about 20%;

Using BOSCH's third generation high pressure common rail fuel system, precise control of injection timing and fuel injection, more complete combustion and lower fuel consumption;

Electronic fan technology, according to the engine water temperature automatically adjust the fan speed, effectively reduce fuel consumption;

Using a new closed-loop control system and thermal management system, emissions are cleaner and more fuel-efficient; 


Cummins ISL engine
The integrated design of the cylinder block and the oil circuit, fewer connectors, reliable and durable;

Cummins high pressure common rail fuel system, higher injection pressure, improved fuel economy;

Advanced electronic control integrated system helps drivers to better manage the engine, intelligent fault diagnosis system to reduce the occurrence of faults; customized intelligent fleet management system, remote lock car, start interlocking, limp home and more than 40 electronic control functions;

The engine subsystem is highly integrated, achieving fuel savings through multiple channels, and stable and reliable operating performance;

The cheering of the World Cup matches with fans will eventually enter the cycle of the next four years, but the international market journey of the Dongfeng Cummins Engine will not be interrupted. Its power, reliability, and economy will be tested in the global market, and Keep making progress to win a bigger market.