CUMMINS 235kw Biogas Generator Set

CUMMINS 235kw Biogas Generator Set from China
Cummins 235kw Biogas Generator Set

Engine of Cummins EG235B Biogas Generator Set 

Engine Model Cummins NT855
Type 6 cylinders in line
Bore * Stroke (mm) 140*152
Displacement(L) 14
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Rated speed(rpm) 1500/1800
Inlet type Naturally aspirated
Cooling type Cooling water tank
Fuel System Low and high pressure
ESC Type Special for U.S. GAC Biogas
Ignition sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4
The allowed maximum speed(Biogas supply closed at this time) 1900rpm
The allowed maximum rotating speed (The ignition system shut down at this time) 1900 rpm
Oil Capacity 36.7 L
Cooling water capacity 63.9 L
Maximum engine back pressure 11.8 kpa
Gas consumption(m3∕kw·h) <0.5
Rough oil consumption(g/kWh) <1.29
Radiator and oil cooler heat 69 KW
Exhaust pipe heat radiation 115 KW
Engine thermal radiation 18 KW
Alternator thermal radiation 13 KW
Cooling water temperature 95 Deg C
Oil temperature <120 Deg C
Exhaust pipe heat energy (above 120 º C section) 220 KW
Exhaust temperature (before vortex ) 660±25 Deg C
Exhaust Flow 1900 m³/h
Fan exhaust flow 10.7 m³/s
Noise level from 1 m  <100 db(A)

Alternator of Cummins EG235B Biogas Generator Set 

Alternator Model Engga EG280L-230N
Excitation Method Brushless Permanent Magnet
Winding pitch 2/3 pitch
Number of poles 4
Bearing number 1
Stator Windings 12 ends
Insulation Class H class
Protection class IP 21 or IP 23
Load type Continuous operation
AVR Model WT-2
Alignment Fly wheel
Temperature Range Less than 125 degrees Celsius
Overload  Capacity- the percentage of rated power 110%
Waveform distortion rate, no-load <5%
Voltage Regulation Mode AVR
Voltage Regulation Range ±5%
Steady State Voltage Regulation ±1%
No-load line voltage sine wave distortion ±2%
Telephone interference factor (TIF) < 50

Cummins EG235B Biogas Generator Set 

Rated Output(KW) 235
Standby Output(KW) 259
Voltage(V) 400
Current(A) 449
Size(mm) 3000*1050*1780
Approximate weight(KG) 2850
Emission levels (Nox) Euro II emission(mg/m³)
Naturally aspirated engine intake air temperature None
Air temperature before entering the air to air intercooler   82-87(Deg C)
Air temperature after entering the air to air intercooler   35-42(Deg C)
Rated Power @ 0.8 power factor (w / pump s and w / o fan) 235KW (continuous operation)
Total energy input (100% load) 675(KW)
Electrical efficiency 34.80%
Thermal efficiency 84.00%
Control panel(Deepsea or others) Synchronizing Control, Multilingual Mode Digital Control, Diagnostic Function, Direct Text Indicate of Faults, MOBUS Communication Protocol, Compatible Communication, Exchange Telecommunications,  Wired Control Data Output, Automatic or manual start

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