CCEC&DCEC Injector

CUMMINS genuine Injector
CCEC&DCEC Injector 

ET No. Part No. Part Name
ETCM-IJ001 C3283160 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ002 C3908507 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ003 C3919602 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ004 C3928384 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ005 C3965145 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ006 C3975929 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ007 C4937512 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ008 C4943468 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ009 C4948364 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ010 C4948366 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ011 C4988755 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ012 D3919602 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ013 D3928228 DCEC Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ014 D3928387 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ015 D3930525 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ016 D3976372 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ017 D4934742 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ018 D4937064 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ019 D4940640 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ020 D4942359 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ021 L00133 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ022 L00135 Fuel Injector
ETCM-IJ023 C4975023 Fuel Injector Liner
ETCM-IJ024 A3283562 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ025 A3355015 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ026 A3356587 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ027 A3919339 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ028 A3919347 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ029 A3919350 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ030 A3960766 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ031 C4928990 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ032 C4940785 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ033 C4940786 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ034 C4940187 Fuel Injector with Gasket ASSY
ETCM-IJ035 C3940639 Fuel Injector Pinch-off Blade
ETCM-IJ036 C4974970 Fuel Injector Clip
ETCM-IJ037 C4974971 Fuel Injector Clip
ETCM-IJ038 C3823024 Fuel Injector Puller
ETCM-IJ039 C3909886 Fuel Injector Gland
ETCM-IJ040 C3910279 Fuel Injector Pressure Plate
ETCM-IJ041 C4991280 Fuel Injector ASSY
ETCM-IJ042 C4991297 Fuel Injector ASSY
ETCM-IJ043 C4930225 Fuel Injector ASSY
ETCM-IJ044 C3355015 Injection Nozzle
ETCM-IJ045 3016676-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ046 3022197-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ047 3022197-25 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ048 3022197-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ049 3047991-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ050 3052255-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ051 3052255-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ052 3053124-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ053 3053124-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ054 3053126-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ055 3053126-25 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ056 3054216-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ057 3054218-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ058 3054219-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ059 3054220-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ060 3054220-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ061 3054228-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ062 3054231-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ063 3054233-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ064 3054233-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ065 3071497-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ066 3071497-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ067 3076132-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ068 3076703-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ069 3076703-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ070 3077715-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ071 3077715-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ072 3077760-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ073 3087587-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ074 3087587-25 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ075 3087648-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ076 3095773-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ077 3095773-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ078 3406604-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ079 3411821-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ080 4296423-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ081 4913770-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ082 4914177-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ083 4914308-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ084 4914325-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ085 4914328-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ086 4914452-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ087 4914453-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ088 4914458-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ089 4914505-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ090 4914537-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ091 4914554-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ092 4914555-20 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ093 4915382-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ094 4999492-28 CCEC Injector
ETCM-IJ095 4964171 CCEC Injector


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